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12 Chinese zodiac animals

5 elements

Chinese numbers 0-100


hā, há, hǎ, hà Mandarin pinyin tunes

ha-ha laughter

habit; get used to

hāi, hái, hǎi, hài Mandarin pinyin tunes


half a year

halt; pause

hall for exhibition



hān, hán, hǎn, hàn Mandarin pinyin tunes

hand over; pass over


handle; do

handle things

handsome guy; good-looking young man

handy; convenient

hang down

hang; suspend (diao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

hang; suspend (gua, Mandarin pinyin practice)

hāng, háng, hǎng, hàng Mandarin pinyin tunes

hāo, háo, hǎo, hào Mandarin pinyin tunes


happiness; merry


happy; joyous

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to you

harbor; port

hardship; distress

harm; to injure

harmful insect; pest

harmonious; amicability

harmonious; friendly

harmonious; peaceful

harsh and unreasonable



hatred; animosity

haunted house; ghost house


have a chat

have a meal

have a meal; eat rice

have a slap-up meal together

have not, have no

have time

He is the same age as my wife.


he, him

He borrowed a book from me.

He borrowed money from me.

he is

He is a prince.

He is an angel.

He is learning how to play the violin.

He lent me a book.

He lent money to me.

He plays the guitar very well.

He returned the money to me.

hē, hé, hě, hè Mandarin pinyin tunes

head somewhere

heartily; merry from wine

heartless; callous

heavy; sink

heel; follow

hēi, héi, hěi, hèi Mandarin pinyin tunes


Hello, nice to meet you.




help, assistance

help (bang Mandarin pinyin practice)

hēn, hén, hěn, hèn Mandarin pinyin tunes

hēng, héng, hěng, hèng Mandarin pinyin tunes

hens lay eggs

her; his

her, she


hero; person with unusual courage and ability

heroic person


hide in one’s clothes

hide oneself

hide oneself; avoid

hiding in the water


high; tall

high and low (di, Mandarin pinyin practice)

high and low (gao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

high-heeled shoes

high-placed; expensive

him, he

hinder; impede


hire; employ

his; her

hold, grasp

hold; keep

hold back

hold hands

hold one's breath

hole; cave


homeland; native land


honest; sincere

honest and frank

honest and sincere; good-natured


hōng, hóng, hǒng, hòng Mandarin pinyin tunes


hope, wish

horizontal; transverse

horizontal and vertical

horizontal bar

horse saddle

hot pot (Chinese cuisine)

hōu, hóu, hǒu, hòu Mandarin pinyin tunes


house; building

house; hall for exhibition

house; room

household; account

horse (Chinese zodiac animal)

horse (ma pinyin practice)

horse riding

hot and sour soup


How are you?

How are you recently?

How's going recently?

How far can fish swim?

How far?

How high can the bird fly?

How high?

How long can love last?

How long can people live?

How long? (length)

How long? (time)

how many

how much

How much is it?

How much is that one?

How much is this one?

How old are you? (1)

How old are you? (2)

How to do it?

howl; roar

hū, hú, hǔ, hù Mandarin pinyin tunes

huā, huá, huǎ, huà Mandarin pinyin tunes

huāi, huái, huǎi, huài Mandarin pinyin tunes

huān, huán, huǎn, huàn Mandarin pinyin tunes

hug; embrace

human hair

human hair on top of the head

human pyramid

humble; modest



hungry; starving



husband; male adult

husband and wife

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