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Index of Chinese Phrases and Vocabulary
with mp3 audio pronunciations and related video instruction lesson


naan bread; baked pancake

nail; metal spike

nail a lie


name; fame

name; to call (cheng, Mandarin pinyin practice)

nameplate; name tag

napkin; handkerchief

narrate; describe

narrate; tell; state

narrow (xia, Mandarin pinyin practice)

narrow (zhai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

narrow one's eyelids

nation; country

national flag

native and unadorned; plain and simple

native land; homeland (gu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

native land; homeland (xiang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

natural; naturally

nature; character

naughty; wild

nauseating; disgusting

navigate by air or water

near; adjacent; close to

near; close

near relative; close relative

neat and tidy



need (video)

need (xu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

Need help?

needn't; don't


neighbor; neighboring

negate; negative answer

negative answer; negate

negative and positive; Yin-Yang (yin, Mandarin pinyin practice)

negative and positive; Yin-Yang (yang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

neglect; ignore

neglect; skim

nemesis; deadly enemy

nephew; sister's son

nervous; panic

nervous; tense

nervous breakdown; collapse


nest; den; lair; hideout

net; network

net above and snare underneath; tight encirclement

net used to catch birds

never; do not

nevertheless; but it is

new; newly

New Year's Day

news (video)


news; information; signal

news of victory

next; secondary

nibble; gnaw

nice; fine; good

nice; pure; virtuous

nice and cool; fresh and cool

nice and warm

nice guy; good people

Nice to meet you.

nice weather

Nice weather today


niece, nephew; brother's children

niggardly; parsimonious; stingy


night; evening (wan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

night; evening (xi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

night; evening (xiao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

nightfall; dusk


nimble; agile; adroit

nimble and skillful; light handed

nine; number 9

ninjia (ren, Mandarin pinyin practice)

ninjia (zhe, Mandarin pinyin practice)

no; not

no one

no one found out

No one found out that she was a witch.

No one knows that he is an angel.

no purpose; groundless

nobles; aristocrat


nobody knows

nobody knows (2)

nobody knows why

noisy; bustling

noisy; clamour

noisy; quarrel

none; not

none; without

nonsense; bullshit

noodles (video)

noodles (mian, Mandarin pinyin practice)



North Pole

North Pole; Arctic


not; negative

not; not yet

not; wrong

not enough; insufficient

not experienced

not have; there is not

not many

not to work properly

not salty

not sweet

not simple

note; footnote

notify; indicate

notwithstanding; in spite of


now; present

now; present; current

Now what?

nude; naked


numb; insensitive

number (hao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

number (shu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

number 0; zero

number 1

number 3

number 4

number 5

number 6

number 9

number 10

number 20

number 30

number 40

number 10,000

number 100,000,000

number one

numerary adjunct for animals or birds

numerous; group

numerous; intricate

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