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Index of Chinese Phrases and Vocabulary
with mp3 audio pronunciations and related video instruction lesson


label; mark

labor; work

labor; worker

laborer; workman

laborious; toilsome (jian, Mandarin pinyin practice)

laborious; toilsome (xin, Mandarin pinyin practice)

lack; deficient

lack; deficient in

lack; tired

lack of something

lack of something, missing

lacking; owe

lacking experience; soft and immature


ladle; scoop

ladle out; to spoon, scoop

lady; fair lady; gentlewoman

lair; hideout; nest; den

lake (video)

lake (hu, Mandarin pinyin practice)


lakeside (hu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

lame; crippled (bo, Mandarin pinyin practice)

lame; crippled (que, Mandarin pinyin practice)

lament; sigh

lamp; lantern

land; ground

land used for growing wheat

landing; to land (airplane)

landscapes; scenery

language (wen, Mandarin pinyin practice)

language (yu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

languorous; dreary; tedious

large; big; great

large river

large snake

last; final; end

last name; surname

lasting; continually

latch, blot of a door


late; delayed

lately, recently

lateral; by the side of

latest news

laugh; laugh at

laughter (ha, Mandarin pinyin practice)

lavatory; toilet; restroom (ce, Mandarin pinyin practice)

lavatory; toilet; restroom (suo, Mandarin pinyin practice)

lavish; showily rich

lavish praise; flatter, exalt, extol

law; method

law; rule

law case

law court


lawsuit; tell

lay eggs

layer; coating

lazy; idle (dai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

lazy; idle (duo, Mandarin pinyin practice)

lazy; laziness

lazy; unwilling to work

lead; conduct; command

lead; guide (ling, Mandarin pinyin practice)

lead; guide (dao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

lead a vagrant life

lead along; pull along

leader; head; chief

leader; leading

leader of a team

leading figure

leaf; leaves (plant)

leak; drip

leak out (information)

leak out

leaking water

league together; join together

lean (meat)

lean against

lean to

leaning; slanting; deviating from

leap; hop

leap; jump

leap year; bissextile

learn (video)

learn; study (xue, Mandarin pinyin practice)

learn; study (xi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

learned and refined

learned person; scholar

lease; rent


leather; skin

leather belt

leather; change


leave; depart; go away

leave; go

leave behind; dump someone

leave behind; lose; misplace

Leave me alone!

leave out; omit

leave stealthily; shirk off

leaving or staying

left (direction, video)

left side

left-hand side

leg (tui, Mandarin pinyin practice)

leg; foot (jiao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

legal ban; forbid

legal rights; power

legal rights; rights

legend; traditional story

legislation; enactments

leisure; ease

leisure; spare time

leisurely and carefree



lend him

lend me

lend money

lend money to him

lend money to me

lend an arm to support someone

lengthwise; lengthways; vertical

lengthy; long-winded

leopard; panther

less; deficient

less, not many; widowed

lessen; decrease

lessen; reduce

lesson; class; course

let; allow

let be; allow

let go; give up; abandon

let go; set free

let go; release

let me do it; allow me

Let's go

Let's see; wait and see

letter; mail

level; even

level; grade

level and open


liberal with money; generous

liberal with money; ostentatious


license; permit

lick with tongue

lid; cover

lie, deceive

lie; tell a lie

lie between

lie down

lie down; sleeping

lie down; recline

lie prone; prostrate oneself

lies; falsehood


life; living

life; live a life

life in endless succession

Life is like a dream. (Chinese proverb)


lift, carry with hand

lift; raise; uplift

lift a lid, cover

lift by hand

lift up; raise

lift up one's hand


light and shade; brightness and darkness

light and weighty

light handed; nimble and skillful

light or heavy; thick or thin

light taste or color

light weight

light-fingered man; pickpocket


like (video)

like; as; alike; similar

like; as; similar to

like that; just so

like to eat


limit; restrict

limitless; unlimited; infinite

limpid; crystal-clear

line, row (hang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

line, row (pai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

line; thread

line of business; profession

line of verse; sentence

line up; arrange

line up; arrange in a line

līng, líng, lǐng, lìng Mandarin pinyin tunes

link; connect (jie, Mandarin pinyin practice)

link; connect (lian, Mandarin pinyin practice)


liquid; fluid

listen, hear (video)

listen, hear (ting, Mandarin pinyin practice)

listen to music

listen to stories

litigate; litigation

little (video)

little; small; tiny

little bird

little bird standing on the tree

little boy

little boy plays the guitar very well

little child

little girl

little girl plays the piano very well


live; alive

live, reside (video)

live; reside; lodge

live a life

live at home

live by oneself

live in seclusion; seclusion

live together

live with my parents

liver (organ)


load; carry

loads of; a lot of something

loan (dai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

loan (kuan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

loathsome; detestable; hateful

location; place; position

lock; lock up

lodge; stay overnight

lofty; majestic

lofty and proud


logic; reason

loiter; fool around

lonely; solitary (du, Mandarin pinyin practice)

lonely; solitary (gu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

long (length)

long; length

long and short (duan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

long for; crave for

long for; keep in mind

long for; wish for, yearn

long gown; robe

long narrow strip or piece

long skirt

long time (video)

long time (jiu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

Long time, no see.

long-winded; wordy

longevity; long life

look; see; view

look after; care for

look at; see

look at; view; see

look at (something attractive) with pleasure

look for (video)

look for; seek (zhao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

look forward; yearn for

looking for something

look for a needle in a haystack (Chinese idiom)

look forward to

look up; face upward

looks; appearance; facial expression

loop; circle

loop; ring

loose; loosen

loose or tight


lord; master

lord; rank of nobility

lose (sang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

lose (shi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

loss; deficit

lose; throw away (diao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

lose; throw away (diu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

lose; toss

lose face (diu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

lose face (lian, Mandarin pinyin practice)

lose money in business

lose; loss

lose one's way

lose or win; defeat of victory

losing track of time

loss of courage


lost; confused

lost heart; discouraged


lotus flower


lounge about the streets; window-shopping

lousy idea; rotten idea

love (video)

love (ài Mandarin pinyin practice)

love; romance

love dearly; dote on (chong Mandarin pinyin practice)

love dearly; dote on (teng Mandarin pinyin practice)

love one's country; patriotic

lover; sweetheart

lovely; sweet and pretty

lovely and enchanting

lovely and quick-witted

lovely night; beautiful night; enjoyable night

lovely wife

loving mother


low-priced; inexpensive

low-spirited; dispirited

loyal; devotion

loyal; faithful; devoted

loyal dog

lubricate; lubrication

lubricate; moisten; embellish

luck; fate; fortune

lucky; auspicious

lucky; fortunate; good omen

lucky; good fortune

lukewarm; warm

lunar; moon



lure; allure; entice; tempt

lust; desire

luster of gems

lustrous and brilliant; bright and resplendent

luxuriant; exuberant

luxuriant; flourishing

luxuriant vegetation

luxurious; extravagant

luxurious; sumptuous

luxury; luxurious

lying face down; fall flat on the ground

lyrics; words

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