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Index of Chinese Phrases and Vocabulary
with mp3 audio pronunciations and related video instruction lesson


sack; bag

sacrifice one's life for

sad; sorrow


safe and sound; free from danger

safe and tranquil; good luck

safe and well

safe and well (kang, Mandarin pinyin practice)


safety (an pinyin practice)

sagacious; wise and farsighted

sage; sagacious

sagging; drooping


sail of boat


saint; sage; holy man


sale by acution



salt (video)

salt (yan, Mandarin pinyin practice)


salty; salted

salute; render a salute

salute; venerate

same (video)

same; alike; equal

sample; showpiece


sarcastic remarks; mock

satirize; irony

satisfaction of to all (Chinese idiom)



satisfy; satisfied

sauce; jam

saucer; small plate


savage; barbarous

save; economize

save; hoard

save; reduce

save; rescue (zheng, Mandarin pinyin practice)

save; rescue (jiu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

save; reserve

save; store up

save money

save money; deposit money

saw (tool)

saw; cut with a saw

say (video)

say; said

say; tell (shuo, Mandarin pinyin practice)

say good-bye

say no; reject

scalding; boiling hot

scales; fish scale


scar of wound; cuts and bruises

scarcity; barren


scared; dread

scare; frighten

scared of; fear; afraid of

scarf; tower

scarlet; bare

scatter; disperse

scenery; landscapes

scheme; plan

scheme; plan; strategy

scheme; trick

scholar; learned person


science; scientific knowledge

scissors (jian, Mandarin pinyin practice)

scissors (dao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

scold, rebuke

scoop; ladle

scoop up; fish up

scope; range

scoop out; grub

scorched; charred



scramble; clamber

scratch the itching place

screw up one's eyes

scrimp and save; frugal

scripture; classic books


sculpture; carve

scurry; run away


sea; ocean

sea birds; gull

sea shore

sea turtle

sea waves; ocean waves

seal; stamp (yin, Mandarin pinyin practice)

seal; stamp (zhang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

sear; iron; brand

search; search out

seashell; cowrie; conch



seasoning; flavoring; condiments

seat; position (wei, Mandarin pinyin practice)

seat; position (xi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

seat; position (zuo, Mandarin pinyin practice)

seaweed; edible seaweed

secluded; quiet; tranquil

seclusion; live in seclusion

second (time)

secondary; next

secret; confidential

secret agent; spy

secret of success

secret recipe; knack

secret scheme; conspiracy


section (duan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

section (jie, Mandarin pinyin practice)

section; department; science

seduce; entice

seductive appearance; coquettish

see; look at

see; meet

see; view; look

see someone off

see with one's eyes

See you again


seedling; sprout

seek; look for

seek; search

seek an alliance with; join together


seem; as if

seize; take

seize (opportunity)

seize or rob by force

seize the opportunity to get help

seize the opportunity to start over again

seize an opportunity (chen, Mandarin pinyin practice)

select; choose

select; selection (xuan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

select; selection (ze, Mandarin pinyin practice)

self (video)

self (zi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

self; oneself

self-cultivation; cultivate oneself

self-examination; reflect on oneself


sell; vend

Self-help (book, groups)

self-possessed; imperturbable; calm

Sell; For Sale (sign)

sell; market; consume

sell; sale

send; deliver

send a person; assign; dispatch

senior; superior

senior general

senior master

sense; feel

sense; realizeg

sense; sensation (jue, Mandarin pinyin practice)

sense; sensation (shi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

sense of right; inner voice


sentence; line of verse

sentiment; affection

sentiments; feelings


separate; disunite; split up


serenity; peaceful

series of, succession of events

serious; earnest

serious; solemn

serious disagreement; conflict

serpent; python

servant (pu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

servant (yong, Mandarin pinyin practice)

set; suit; suite

set an object of pursuit

set in order; orderly

set up; arrange

set up; establish (she, Mandarin pinyin practice)

set up; establish (li, Mandarin pinyin practice)

setting sun

settled; free from worry

seven, 7

several; some

several people; few people

severe; acute

severe; harsh

severe winter; dead of winter

sex; gender

sex appeal; flirtatious; amorous; coquettish


shake; sway

shake hands


shame; disgrace

shamefaced; blushing

shameful; ashamed


shape; form

share (video)

share (joy, food, things)

sharing happiness

sharing happiness with each other


sharp; acute; keen


sharpen; grind

shatter to pieces

shave (hair)


she, her (video)

she, her (ta, Mandarin pinyin practice)

she is

She is a princess.

She is a witch.

She is bold to do things hastily

She is doing things boldly

She is doing things very quickly

She is following behind me.

She is practicing playing the flute.

She plays the piano very well.

She is standing beside me.

She is telling stories to children.

She is very good at storytelling.

She is walking ahead of me.

sheath; cover

shed tears; weep

sheep (video)

sheep; goat

sheep (with thick woolly coat)

sheep's wool

shelf; stand

shell; hard surface

shelled shrimps


shepherd; herd domestic animals

shield (weapon)

shift; transfer

Shifu; kung fu master

shine upon

shining; bright (jiong, Mandarin pinyin practice)

shining; bright (liang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

shining; bright and dazzling

shining; well-illuminated

ship; boat

shirk one's responsibility

shirt; upper garment

shiver; tremble

shoes; footwear

shoot; eject; emit

shooting star; falling star

shop; store


shore, coast

shore; dry land

short (height)

short in height (ǎi pinyin practice)

short in length (duan pinyin practice)

short of supplies

shorter than me

short trousers

shortcoming; weak point

should; ought to (ying, Mandarin pinyin practice)

should; ought to (gai, Mandarin pinyin practice)



shout; cry out (han, Mandarin pinyin practice)

shout; cry out (jiao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

show; appear (xian, Mandarin pinyin practice)

show; appear (lou, Mandarin pinyin practice)

show; display

show; program

show concern and solicitude

show off

show off one's abilities (Chinese idiom)

show up; appear

showily rich; lavish

shrewd; astute


shrink; contract

shrine; temple

shrub; thicket; crowd together

shoes (video)

shut down; close down

shy; bashful (xiu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

shy; bashful (sao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

Sichuan; river

Sichuan style of cuisine

sick; disease

sickened; fall ill


side; edge

side of a body

side road

sideburns; hair on the temples

sieve; sift; screen; filter

sigh; lament

sigh with sorrow, regret

sightseeing; tourism

sign a contract

signal; news; information

silent; quiet

silent; quiet; speechless



silk scarf

silly; foolish

silly; ingenuous

silt; silted up


similar; alike

similar; resembling


simple; brief

simple; uncomplicated

simple and crude

simple question


sin; crime; guilt


sincere; honest

sincere; true


sing a song

singing; sing a song


single; unmarried

sink; cave in

sink; heavy

siphon off; embezzle (money)

sister; young woman

sisters (jie, Mandarin pinyin practice)

sisters (mei, Mandarin pinyin practice)

sister's son; nephew

sit (video)

sit (zuo, Mandarin pinyin practice)

sitting cross-legged

sitting under the tree

Sitting under the tree and resting

six; number 6

sketch; draw

skill; method; art

skilled hand; expert

skilled in; clever at; excel in

skim over; sweep past

skin; dermis

skin color (race)



sit in meditation


skill; technique

skillful hands

skim; neglect

skin; leather


sky; air

sky; heaven (tian, Mandarin pinyin practice)

sky; heaven (kong, Mandarin pinyin practice)

slab; board

slacken; relax

slanting; leaning; deviating from

slanting; tilted; oblique


slate; skating on ice

slaughter; kill


slave away at work; work hard

sleek; smooth; glossy


sleep (qin, Mandarin pinyin practice)

sleep; dormancy (mian, Mandarin pinyin practice)

sleep; go to bed (shui, Mandarin pinyin practice)

sleep; go to bed (jiao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

sleeping; lie down

sleeping quarters

sleeplessness; insomnia

sleepy; feel sleepy

sleeve (of clothing)

slice; cut

slice; piece; flake

slide; skate

slight; approximate

slight; tiny

slightly; a little; a bit

slim (video)

slim; thin; slander

slim chance; uncertain future

slimmer than me

slip, slide

slip away


slope; hillside

slow (video)

slow (man, Mandarin pinyin practice)

slow; tardy

slow; unhurried

slowly (video)

slowly; gently; calmly

slushy; muddy; muddiness

sly; cunning

small (video)

small; little; tiny

small; tiny; youngest

small advantage; petty gain

small bell

small cubes or dices; young man

small hole; pinhole

small island; islet

small plate; saucer

smaller than me

smart; intelligent

smash; break; destroy

smash; destroy

smear; plaster (tu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

smear; plaster (mo, Mandarin pinyin practice)

smell; hear

smile; laugh

smiling expression; happy face

smoke; fumes

smoke; treat meat with smoke

smooth going; propitious

smoothly; unobstructed

snake (video)

snake (she, Mandarin pinyin practice)

snare; trap

snatch away

sneak away; slip away

sniff; smell

snobbish; haughty; arrogant



so; that which

soak; immerse in liquid

soak; wet; moisten


soar; fly

soar, hover

sob; weep; cry

soccer; football

social elite

society; community


soft; downy

soft; supple; pliable

soft and delicate; fair and tender

soft and gentle; supple

soft and immature; lacking experience

soil; earth


soldier of God

solemn; serious

solid; firm

soldier; military personnel

soldier; servant

solemn, with solemnity


solidify; congeal; coagulate

solitary; alone

solitary; lonely (du, Mandarin pinyin practice)

solitary; lonely (gu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

solution of problem

solve; understand

solve riddles; guessing game

some; a few; a little bit

some; certain

somebody; someone



son; child

son; whelp

son and daughter

son of one's sister


song, ballad, melody

soothe; pacify; feel relieved

sophisticated and cosmopolitan

sorcerer; shaman; wizard

sorrow, sad

sorry (video)

sorry for; sympathize

sort; arrange

soul (ling, Mandarin pinyin practice)

soul (hun, Mandarin pinyin practice)

soul (po, Mandarin pinyin practice)

soul; spirit

sound; voice (sheng, Mandarin pinyin practice)

sound; voice (yin, Mandarin pinyin practice)

sound of wind

sound volume; volume of sound

soup (video)

soup (tang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

soup spoon; tablespoon

sour (video)

sour; acid

source; origin



soy sauce


soy-stewed egg; marinaded egg

soya milk; soybean milk

space out; increase the distance between

spacious; broad; wide

spare; forgive

sparkle; flash

sparkling; glittering (Chinese idiom)

sparrow; small bird

speak, talk

speak, talk (hua, Mandarin pinyin practice)

speak, talk (jiang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

speak Chinese

speak more slowly

spear (weapon)

spear; gun

special; especial; particular (te, Mandarin pinyin practice)

special; especial; particular (shu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

special; exclusive

special delivery; express delivery

special price; bargain price


speech; talk

speechless; silent; quiet

speed; velocity

spend money or time

spend one's holidays; enjoy a vacation

spend time; pass

sphere; ball

spiced corned egg; soy-stewed egg


spicy; hot; pungent

spider (video)

spider (zhu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

spin; rotate; revolve

spiral shell; conch


spirit; complexion

spirit; soul

spirit; vigor; soul

spirited and handsome

spiritual medium; psychic medium


spleen (organ)

splendid and dazzling; glittering and imposing

splendor; brilliance

splendor; glory

splendor; magnificent

split; rip open

split up; separate; disunite

spoil; pamper

spoken words; talks


sports; athletics; exercise

spotless; stainless

spots; specks

spouse (pei Mandarin pinyin practice)

spouse (ou Mandarin pinyin practice)


spray; spurt; emit

spread; cast; spray

spread; pass

sprinkle water

spring; fountain

spring water

Spring Festival; Chinese New Year

spring roll

spring season

sprout; germinate


sprinkle water

sprout; bud

sprout sturdily

sputum; phlegm

spy; espionage

spy; secret agent

squander; waste

square (fang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

square (ju, Mandarin pinyin practice)

square; direction

squat; crouch down

squat down


squeeze (juice, oil)

squeeze toothpaste out of a tube


squint; narrow one's lids

stab; pierce; prick

stable; steady

stage (video)

stage; platform

stage fright

stage of work

stairway; flight of stairs

stamens of a flower

stamp on; kick

stamp someone with foot

stand (video)

stand (zhan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

stand; endure; bear

stand; erect

stand; on one's feet

stand in market; vender's stall

stand upright

standing beside

standing by the roadside

standing by the roadside and waiting for someone

standing on the tree



stare; fix one's eyes on

stare; glare

start, begin (video)

start, begin (shi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

start; inspire

startle; frightened

starving; hungry (e, Mandarin pinyin practice)

starving; hungry (ji, Mandarin pinyin practice)

state; condition

state; situation

state (of mind)

state (of nation)

station (video)

station troops

status; condition

status; state; situation


stay; remain

Stay away from me!

stay in the house

stay overnight

stay with someone; accompany

staying power; perseverance

steal (tou, Mandarin pinyin practice)

steal (qie, Mandarin pinyin practice)

steal from the pockets of someone; pickpocket

steed; fine horse


stench; unpleasant smell

step; pace

step across; take big strides

step on; trample

step on; tread; stride

step in; intervene

stern; strick


stew for broth

stew with soy sause


stick; cudgel

stick; glue; adhibit

stick (Chinese weapon)

stick into; insert; interject

stick on; paste

stick method (Chinese martial art)


still; yet

stimulate; agitate

sting, bite by insects

sting; thorn

sting by insect; ask

stingy; miserly

stingy; miserly; ungenerous

stinking; foul-smelling

stir; mix by stirring

stir to mix

stir up trouble; get into trouble


stir-fry; pan-fry

stolen goods

stomach (organ)

stomach ache

stone; rock

stone roller

stop; brake

stop; cease (ting, Mandarin pinyin practice)

stop; cease (zhi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

stop; station; service point

store (video)

store; shop (dian, Mandarin pinyin practice)

store up; save the file

storehouse; warehouse (cang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

storehouse; warehouse (ku, Mandarin pinyin practice)


story; tale (gu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

storytelling (video)

storytelling; telling stories

stove; oven; furnace

straight (video)

straight (zhi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

straight tempered; recklessness

straitened circumstances; difficult position

stranded; trapped; besieged

strange; peculiar (qi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

strange; peculiar (guai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

strange; wonderful


strangle with hands; throttle

strategy; strategics

straw (drinking)


stray from place to place

street; road

street vendor

strength; force

strength; vigor (jin, Mandarin pinyin practice)

strength; vigor (li, Mandarin pinyin practice)

strengthen; solidify

strenuously; exert oneself

stretch; extend

stretch tight; draw tight

stretch the truth; exaggerate

stretched taut; tense and taut

strict; stern


strike; beat

strike, bang

strike; hit

strike root; take root

string together; connect

string of musical instrument

stringed instrument

stripes; streaks

strive; endeavor; make great efforts

strive; make efforts

strive; struggle

strive; work at one's utmost

strike with the fists

stroll; roam (guang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

stroll; roam (liu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

strong; brawny; physically strong

strong; intense

strong; powerful

strong; robust; vigorous

strong and durable

strong and powerful (jin, Mandarin pinyin practice)

strong and powerful (li, Mandarin pinyin practice)

strong and secure

strong point; quality of being excellent

strong sense of justice


stubborn; headstrong

stubborn; obstinate; unmanageable

stubborn; obstinate; unyielding

stuck; jammed

stuck into something


stuff; fill in; clogged up

stuffed dumplings

stuffy; suffocating; oppressive

struggle (zheng, Mandarin pinyin practice)

struggle (zha, Mandarin pinyin practice)

stubborn; obstinate

stumble; fall down

stupefied; distracted


stupid; expressionless

stupid; idiotic; foolish

stupid fellow; idiot

sturdy; secure

sturdy; solid and firm

sturgeon (fish)

style; fashion

style; grid

style; type

style; type; form; mode

subdue; overcome; conquer

submissive; obey

submit; injustice

submit questions; question someone

substantial stuffed dumplings

substitute; replace

substitute; generation

subtract; decrease

suburbs; outskirts


succeed; continue

succeed, success

succeed in business; rich and successful

success, succeed

success (cheng, Mandarin pinyin practice)

successful; reach

successful in business; prosperous

succession of; series of events

succumb to; capitulate

such as; according to

suck; inhale; attract

suck; lick

sudden; abrupt

sudden; abrupt; unexpected

sudden death

sudden peal of thunder


sue; appeal

sue; tell

suffer from (a disease) (hai Mandarin pinyin practice)

suffer from (a disease) (huan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

suffer losses

suffering; torment

suffix after a noun

sugar (video)

sugar (tang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

sugary affectionate; sweet as honey

suit; pair; match; fit

suit; suitable

suit of armor; helmet and armor

suitable; fit

suitable; fitting

suite; room with toilet and bath (or shower)

Sukhasana; sitting cross-legged

sultry; muggy


summer break; summer vacation

summit; peak

summit; zenith

sumptuous; luxurious

sun; solar


sun; day

sun and moon

sunbathing; bask in the sun



sunny and cloudless

sunny day

sunny fine weather


sunset; setting sun



superior; remarkable



supernatural being; immortal


supervise; oversee (du, Mandarin pinyin practice)

supervise; oversee (jian, Mandarin pinyin practice)

supper; dinner

supplement; replenish

supply; make up for


support; backing (kao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

support; backing (ting, Mandarin pinyin practice)

support; help; aid

support; prop up

support and help

support with hand (chan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

support with hand (fu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

supposition; hypothesis

suppress; repress

supreme chief

sure; definite

sure; true

surface; exterior

surmount; overcome

surname; last name

surpass; exceed

surplus; remnant

surprise; amaze

surprise (with joy)


surround; besiege; encircle; enclose

surround; encompass

survive together; coexist

suspend; hang (diao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

suspend; hand up (gua, Mandarin pinyin practice)

suspension bridge

sustain under difficult circumstances

swallow; devour

swallow (bird)

swamp; marshland


swap; exchange

sway; swing; wag; shake


sweat; exude sweat

sweep off; roam

sweep with a broom


sweet; voluntary

sweet and charming

sweet and pretty; lovely

sweet and refreshing

sweet as honey; pleasing and delightful

sweet smell; fragrance

sweet words; smooth talking

sweet-natured; warm and tender


sweetheart; lover

swift; agile

swift; fast; quick; prompt

swift horse; gallant horse


swindle; cheat; deceive

swing; sway

swing on a swing

swim (video)

swim (you, Mandarin pinyin practice)

swim (yong, Mandarin pinyin practice)

swimming pool

switch; open and close

swollen; bloated

swollen; swelling


symmetry; symmetrical

sympathize with


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