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Index of Chinese Phrases and Vocabulary
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yam; potato

Yangtze River; Changjiang River

yard; courtyard

year (video)


year of age

yearn; long for

yearn for; aspire after

yearn for; cherish the memory of

yearn for; look forward

years of age

yell; shout; call out loudly



yes or no; whether or not


yet; still

yield; give way to

yield; hinder

Yin-Yang (yin, Mandarin pinyin practice)

Yin-Yang (yang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

Yo, exclamatory particle


you (honorific form)

you (plural)

you, I, he; you, me, him

you are (verb+ing)

You are 12 years younger than my wife.

You are welcome

you have

You should act that way

You should act this way

You tell me!

young; child; children

young; youth

young age

young brother

young girl; adolescent girl

young lady; Miss

young man; male admirer

young man; small cubes or dices

young woman; mother

young woman; sister

young and tender; tender and delicate


younger brother

younger sister (video)

younger sister (mei, Mandarin pinyin practice)

younger than me

youngest of a family

You must persist to the end.

young man; elder brother


your; yours (de, Mandarin pinyin practice)

Your mother's mother

Your question is not simple..

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