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12 Chinese zodiac animals

5 elements

Chinese numbers 0-100


mā, má, mǎ, mà, ma Mandarin pinyin tunes


magnate; tycoon

magnetic; magnetism

magnificent; great

magnificent; splendor

māi, mái, mǎi, mài Mandarin pinyin tunes

mail; postal

mail; send

mail a letter


maintain; preserve

majestic; lofty

majestic-looking; awe-inspiring posture (Chinese idiom)

make a concession; back down

make a fire

make a fool of oneself

make a fortune; become rich (cai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

make a mistake; err; go wrong

make a phone call

make friends

make fun of

make fun of; tease; tickle with fingers

make great efforts

make into a list

make money; earn money

make up, fabricate

make up a story

make up for

make up one's mind

male; masculine (animal)

male admirer; young man

male adult; husband

male phoenix; phoenix

malignant deity; evil spirit; fierce god

malignant star; evil star (ancient Chinese myth)

maltreat; ill-treat; treat cruelly

mama, mother

mān, mán, mǎn, màn Mandarin pinyin tunes

man; male

man, men

man; men; grown man

man of integrity

man is camping by the lakeside

manage; administer

manage, control

manage; put in order

manage with an effort; do with difficulty

mandarin orange; tangerine

mandate; order; command

manger; trough

manifest; show; appear


māng, máng, mǎng, màng Mandarin pinyin tunes

manner; attitude

manners; courteous; politeness

manners; well-behaved

manufacture; childbirth

many; much

many and less, not many

Many thanks (video)

Many thanks (xie, Mandarin pinyin practice)

many thanks; thanks a lot

Many thanks for your help.

māo, máo, mǎo, mào Mandarin pinyin tunes

map something out; fix something up



marinaded egg; soy-stewed egg

marinate (meat)

mark; label

mark; number

mark; trace

mark with a branding iron


marriage; wedding

marriage ceremony; wedding

marrow; bone marrow

marry a man

marry a woman

Marry me (propose to a woman)

marry to a man, marry a woman

martial art (wu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

martial art (shu, Mandarin pinyin practice)



marvelous; wonderful; fantastic


mashed fruit; mashed vegetables

master; teacher

master and apprentice

master and slave

master-hand; top gun

master-stroke; unique skill

match; build

match; fit; pair; suit


mate; companion

mate; companion

mate; idol; puppet

mate; make a pair


maternal aunt

maternal grandmother

material; stuff

matter; substance; things

matter; thing; affair

maw of a fish

may; can; able

May I ask

May I help you?

maybe; perhaps

Mayday; call for help

me, I (video)

me, I (wo, Mandarin pinyin practice)

meal; dining

mean; bad


measuring apparatus, instrument

meat (video)

meat; flesh


medical pill (dan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

medical pill (wan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

medical treatment; therapy

medicine; drug

medium; intermedium

meet; come across (feng, Mandarin pinyin practice)

meet; come across (yu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

meet; meet; come face to face

meet; see

meet by chance

meeting; gathering

mēi, méi, měi, mèi Mandarin pinyin tunes

melancholy; bored; depressed

melody; song

melon; gourd

melt; fuse; thaw


member of a company board; trustee

memorize; remember

memory; recall; remember

memory; recollection

Memory crossed one's mind (Chinese idiom)

mēn, mén, měn, mèn Mandarin pinyin tunes

mend one's ways; repent and reform

mēng, méng, měng, mèng Mandarin pinyin tunes


menu; restaurant menu

merchant; businessman; trader

mercifulness; humanity


mercy; kind; loving

merely; only

merit; meritorious achievements

merry; happiness

merry and lively; ease and verve

merry from wine

messenger; envoy


metal spike; nail

metal spike; nail


method; law

method; way

mī, mí, mǐ, mì Mandarin pinyin tunes

miān, mián, miǎn, miàn Mandarin pinyin tunes

miāo, miáo, miǎo, miào Mandarin pinyin tunes

miaow; crying sound of a cat

middle; center (jian, Mandarin pinyin practice)

middle; center (yang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

miē, mié, miě, miè Mandarin pinyin tunes

might; majesty; imposing

mighty; great

mighty ocean; big ocean; boundless seas

mighty power

migratory birds

Migratory birds can fly very high.


military; martial

military personnel; soldier

milk; breasts (nai, Mandarin pinyin practice)

milk; breasts (ru, Mandarin pinyin practice)

millennium; thousand years


mimic; imitate

mīn, mín, mǐn, mìn Mandarin pinyin tunes

mīng, míng, mǐng, mìng Mandarin pinyin tunes

minced meat; ground meat

mind; care about

mind; mood

mine; mineral or ore deposits

miner; mineworker



mischievous; monkey business

misconception; fallacy; absurd theory

miserable; tragic

miserable end; doomsday

miserly; stingy

miserly; stingy; ungenerous with money

misfortune; bad luck

Miss; young lady

miss (the chance, opportunity)

miss someone; think of somebody

missing, lack of something

missing something

mist; haze; fog

mistake; error

mistake; fail to; fault

mistake; fault; wrong

mistaken; wrong; false

Mister; gentleman

misty; hazy; dimly discernible

miū, miú, miǔ, miù Mandarin pinyin tunes

mix; blend (hun, Mandarin pinyin practice)

mix; blend (tiao, Mandarin pinyin practice)

mix; mingle

mix by stirring

mixed; mingled

mō, mó, mǒ, mò Mandarin pinyin tunes

mock; sarcastic remarks

model; standard

model to follow; good example

moderate prices; bargain price

modest; humble

moist; damp

moist; humid; wet; damp

moisten; lubricate; embellish

mold; standard


moment; quarter of an hour

momentum; influence

monastic discipline; commandment


money (jin, Mandarin pinyin practice)

money (qian, Mandarin pinyin practice)

money; funds

money; wealth

monitor; oversee

monk; Buddhist monk


monkey eating banana

Monkeys like to eat bananas.

monkey (hou, Mandarin pinyin practice)

monster; demon


monthly magazine




mop up; wipe up

mortal; ordinary

moral principles; moral relationship

moral sense; conscience


morality; decency

more and more (yu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

more and more (yue, Mandarin pinyin practice)

more slowly

more than before

more than enough


morning glow; evening glow

mortal beneficiary; prosperity

mortgage loan


moss; lichen

most of all; above all; especially



mother; young woman

mother-in-law of a man

mother-to-be; expectant mother; pregnant woman

motion; movement

motivational; inspirational

motor vehicle; automobile

mōu, móu, mǒu, mòu Mandarin pinyin tunes

mound; hillock

mountain; hill

mountain peak

mountain ridge

mountain valley; gorge

mountain-climbing; climbing mountains

mountaineering; climb a mountain

mountaintop; top of a mountain

mouse (video)

mouse; rat (shu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

moustache; beard


mouth-puckering taste


move; displace

move; shift

move; touch

move backward; withdraw

move forward; proceed

move house

move or travel with much jolting; bump

move quickly; run

move to another place


moving; touching; affecting

mū, mú, mǔ, mù Mandarin pinyin tunes

mucilage; glue

muck around; fool around


muddy; muddiness; slushy

muffled; sealed; tightly closed

mug, cup

muggy; sultry


mule (animal)

multi-story building


munch; masticate

muscle (ji, Mandarin pinyin practice)

muscle (rou, Mandarin pinyin practice)

muscular pains; aching of limbs

muscular spasm; cramp


music (video)

music (yue, Mandarin pinyin practice)

musical score


must; certainly

must; have to

must; need

must; ought to

must live a life

must not; do not

must persist to the end

mute; dumb

mutiny; insurrection; betray

mutter insults against someone

mutual; each other (hu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

mutual; each other (xiang, Mandarin pinyin practice)


my; mine (de, Mandarin pinyin practice)

My elder brother is taller than me.

My elder sister is fatter than me.

my father

My father is 7 years older than you.

my fault

My goodness; Oh my God

my husband

My husband is 40 years old this year.

My name is

My name is Wang An-An.

My opinion is..

my parents

My question is fairly simple..

my wallet was lost

my wife

My word!

My younger brother is shorter than me.

My younger sister is slimmer than me.


mysterious; unknown

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