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12 Chinese zodiac animals

5 elements

Chinese numbers 0-100


dā, dá, dǎ, dà Mandarin pinyin tunes


dad; papa (classic dialect)

dad and mom (classic)

dāi, dái, dǎi, dài Mandarin pinyin tunes

dān, dán, dǎn, dàn Mandarin pinyin tunes

dāng, dáng, dǎng, dàng Mandarin pinyin tunes

danger; trouble

dāo, dáo, dǎo, dào Mandarin pinyin tunes

dark; darkness


dart; javelin

dam, dike


dancing on the stage


dare to


dark or light; thick or thin

dash; forge ahead


day; daybreak

dear; intimate

dark, darkness

dauntless and unyielding man; tough guy

dē, dé, dě, dè, de Mandarin pinyin tunes

dead of winter; severe winter


debt of gratitude; grace

deceive, lie

deceive people

decide; break

decency; morality

decline; but

deep and shallow

deeply concerned at heart (Chinese idiom)



defend; protect

deficient; lack

deficient in; lack

dēi, déi, děi, dèi Mandarin pinyin tunes

delay in arrival; arrive late

delightful; pleasant

delay; impeded

delay; indulge

delay in arrival; arrive late

delayed; late

demon; monster

demon; odd

dēng, déng, děng, dèng Mandarin pinyin tunes

deny; refuses to admit

dermis; skin

descendant; offspring

destitute; poor

device; utensil

dī, dí, dǐ, dì Mandarin pinyin tunes

diān, dián, diǎn, diàn Mandarin pinyin tunes

diāo, diáo, diǎo, diào Mandarin pinyin tunes

diē, dié, diě, diè Mandarin pinyin tunes

differentiate; tell apart


diligent; industrious

dīng, díng, dǐng, dìng Mandarin pinyin tunes



direction; square

disassemble; take apart

disease; sick

disgrace; shame

disguise as


disgusting; nauseating


dislike very much

dismantle; tear down

displeased; angry

dispute; quarrel

distinctive clothing; uniform

distort; twist

distress; hardship

ditch; trench

ditch; water channel

diū, diú, diǔ, diù Mandarin pinyin tunes

divide; score

divinatory symbols

divine pill, elixir of life


do; handle

do; organize

do not, must not

Do not lie to me.

do not move

do something wacky

do things

do things hastily

Do you have..

Do you have time?

Do you have time to help me?

Do you know why?

Do you know?

Do you need help?

Do you want

Do you want to

Do you want to add salt?

Do you want to add sugar?

Do you want to go to the movies?

Do you want to go?

Do you want to have a meal?

Do you want to have coffee?

dodge; elude



dog (gou, Mandarin pinyin practice)

dog; canine

doing things boldly

doing things carefully

doing things very quickly

doing things very slowly

don't have

don't have time (1)

don't have time (2)

Don't fabricate a story to deceive people.

Don't glare at me!

don't know

don't want

dōng, dóng, dǒng, dòng Mandarin pinyin tunes


dot; point

dote on; love dearly

dōu, dóu, dǒu, dòu Mandarin pinyin tunes


doughty and valiant; intrepid and fierce

doze off


dragons beget dragons

Dragon Boat Festival

draw; paint

draw out

dread; scared


dreams come true

dress; obey

dress up; make up

dressed in; wear


drink (he, Mandarin pinyin practice)

drink coffee

drink tea

drink tea (cha Mandarin pinyin practice)

drink water

drink water (he, Mandarin pinyin practice)

drip; drop

dripping water

drive or ride around for fun


drizzling bad weather

drop, drip

drop; fall

drops of rain; raindrop

drooping; sagging

drop out; quit school



drumming; beat a drum

dry, warm by a fire

dū, dú, dǔ, dù Mandarin pinyin tunes

duān, duán, duǎn, duàn Mandarin pinyin tunes

duī, duí, duǐ, duì Mandarin pinyin tunes

dumbfounded; astounded

dūn, dún, dǔn, dùn Mandarin pinyin tunes

duō, duó, duǒ, duò Mandarin pinyin tunes

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