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12 Chinese zodiac animals

5 elements

Chinese numbers 0-100


gā, gá, gǎ, gà Mandarin pinyin tunes

gāi, gái, gǎi, gài Mandarin pinyin tunes

gain; obtain

gallbladder; courage


gambling house; casino

gān, gán, gǎn, gàn Mandarin pinyin tunes

gāng, gáng, gǎng, gàng Mandarin pinyin tunes

gāo, gáo, gǎo, gào Mandarin pinyin tunes

garrulous; talkative on trivial matters

gas; air; inner strength

gas station

gasp; pant

gasp for air; pant

gē, gé, gě, gè Mandarin pinyin tunes

gēi, géi, gěi, gèi Mandarin pinyin tunes

gēn, gén, gěn, gèn Mandarin pinyin tunes

general; approximate

general idea; concept

general; approximate

generally; approximately


generation; substitute

generous; poised

generous and open-minded

gēng, géng, gěng, gèng Mandarin pinyin tunes

gentle wind; breeze

genuine; pure

get, obtain

get; take

get help, receive assistance

get into trouble

get out of bed

get up; rise

get used to; habit

getting old


ghost house; haunted house




give (gei, Mandarin pinyin practice)

give back, return

give back, return (huan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

give back to; return to

give me

give me (gei, Mandarin pinyin practice)

give me a little more time

give you

give you a birthday present

glare; stare

glass marbles

gloomy; worried


go; leave

go around in an area

go back to; return

go fishing

go hastily

go on strike

go straight

Go straight ahead and turn left.

go through; penetrate

go to bed

go to school

go to the movies

go to the seaside

go to the seaside and watch the sea

go vacationing; enjoy a vacation

going to..

going or staying

gōng, góng, gǒng, gòng Mandarin pinyin tunes

good; fine; nice

good fortune; fortunate

good people; nice guy


good-looking young man; handsome guy

good-natured; honest and sincere


gorge; mountain valley

gorgeous; resplendent

gōu, góu, gǒu, gòu Mandarin pinyin tunes

gourd; melon


government official

grace (God's grace)

grace; debt of gratitude



gratuity; tips

grave; tomb

great; immense

great; magnificent

great people

Great people can live for a long time.

Great Wall

grid; style


grief; sorrow

grievance; unfairness

grope for; touch

ground; land


group of people; crowd

ground; place


grow up

gū, gú, gǔ, gù Mandarin pinyin tunes

guā, guá, guǎ, guà Mandarin pinyin tunes

guāi, guái, guǎi, guài Mandarin pinyin tunes

guān, guán, guǎn, guàn Mandarin pinyin tunes

guāng, guáng, guǎng, guàng Mandarin pinyin tunes

guard against; prevent

guī, guí, guǐ, guì Mandarin pinyin tunes

guide; lead


gun; spear

gūn, gún, gǔn, gùn Mandarin pinyin tunes

guō, guó, guǒ, guò Mandarin pinyin tunes

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