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Mandarin pinyin tunes
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yī, yí, yǐ, yì

first tune

one; number 1

clothing; dress

lean to
rely on; depend on

doctor; physician
cure; heal; treat

Chinese characters also pronunced

second tune

suitable; fitting
proper; appropriate

friendship; relationship; companionship

maternal aunt

pancreas (organ)

move; shift

joyful; cheerful; pleasure

doubt; suspect; disbelieve

leave behind; lose; misplace

appearance; bearing
measuring apparatus, instrument

Chinese characters also pronunced

third tune

use as; with
according to; because of


ant (insect)

Chinese characters also pronunced

fourth tune

also; too

benefit; benefical


ease; leisure
relaxed; restful; unhurried

will; mind; intention

memory; recall; remember

hundred million; number 100,000,000

justice; loyalty; righteousness

discuss; argumentation



art; craft

determined; resolute; undaunted

epidemic disease

translate; interpret

Chinese characters also pronunced

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