Traditional and classic Chinese calligraphic symbols, words, idioms and proverbs for your art design. Created by Andres Leo since 2001.

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Translation service by Andres Leo - For your art designs, blog, website, poetry, fictions, any messages in both traditional and simplified Chinese to reach a global audience! You are welcome to ask Andres question about the use of Chinese symbols/words.

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List of all related Chinese words in English keywords:

Chinese pinyin pronunciations and structures
mp3 audio and YouTube video instruction and exercise
Chinese audio

Learn to count Chinese numbers, dates, months, years
practicing pronunciation one by one with videos

Index of Chinese Phrases and Vocabulary
with mp3 audio pronunciations and related video instruction lesson

1-character Chinese Words Collection
traditional/classical Chinese symbols
which are good for Chinese art design ideas

2-character Chinese Words Collection
traditional/classical 2-character words
which are good for Chinese art design ideas

Chinese Surnames, Family Names
Spelling based on standard Mandarin or Cantonese

Chinese Idioms/Porverbs
modern and classic Chinese idioms and proverbs

Chinese words/symbols for
Love, Passion, Affection, Sentiment

Man, Male, Father, Boy, Borther
Woman, Female, Mother, Girl, Sister
Chinese words for Kung Fu, Martial Arts
Chinese words for Animals, Beasts, Pets
Chinese words for Birds, Wings, Flying
Chinese words for Food, Cooking, Eating
Chinese words for Fantasy, Legend, Mystery

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