Let’s Talk in Chinese Lessons

Let’s Talk in Chinese Lessons Series
Learning Chinese words and phrases
easily with brief video instructions

This is the best way to learn Chinese efficiently! With a specific YouTube video for each lesson to help you learning basic Chinese phrases by constructing words by words together with simple grammar structure.

In each lesson you will practice Chinese words of each phrase with the pronunciations and meanings, with the studying of combined elementary characters repeatedly to understand the related Chinese words and phrases comprehensively.

We also offer an updating mp3 audio collection of the phrases and vocabulary index with the existing lessons for your reference.

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Chinese Lesson 39

About the latest news..
What's your opinion?

Chinese Lesson 38

Typhoon is approaching 颱風來了
Please be careful 請注意安全

Chinese Lesson 37

What should I do?

Chinese Lesson 36

I want a bowl of hot and sour soup
I want one portion of fried spring roll

Chinese Lesson 35

It's too spicy 太辣了
I want to drink water 我要喝水

Chinese Lesson 34

sweet 甜 and sugar 糖
salty 鹹 and salt 鹽

Chinese Lesson 33

Nice weather today 今天天氣好
Bad weather today 今天天氣壞

Chinese Lesson 32

12 Chinese zodiac animals
5 Chinese elements 金木水火土

Chinese Lesson 31

I am doing things carefully 我做事小心
She is doing things boldly 她做事大膽

Chinese Lesson 30

hens lay eggs 雞生蛋
eggs hatch chicks 蛋生雞

Chinese Lesson 29

I am sorry 對不起
my fault 我的錯

Chinese Lesson 28

May I help you? 我可以幫你嗎
I need your help! 我需要你的幫忙

Chinese Lesson 27

I want a glass of water 我要一杯水
Thanks for your water 謝謝你的水

Chinese Lesson 26

Why? 為什麼
I don't know 我不知道

Chinese Lesson 25

Excuse me, where can I find a convenience store?

Chinese Lesson 24

Excuse me, what's your name? 請問你叫什麼名字

Chinese Lesson 23

Where is the toilet? 請問廁所在哪裡
Where is the station? 請問車站在哪裡

Chinese Lesson 22

Please come over for a moment 請你來一下
I have a problem here 我這裡有問題

Chinese Lesson 21

Please give me chopsticks 請給我筷子
I want to eat fried noodles 我想吃炒麵

Chinese Lesson 20

Would you please hurry up 請你快一點
I am in a hurry 我趕時間

Chinese Lesson 19

I like you 我喜歡你
I like to travel with you

Chinese Lesson 18

I am so bored 我好悶
I would like to have a chat 我想聊一聊

Chinese Lesson 17

True love can last forever

Chinese Lesson 16

Where are you from? 你從哪裡來
Where are you going? 你要去哪裡

Chinese Lesson 15

Do you want to go?

Chinese Lesson 14

this one 這個, that one 那個
How much is it? 多少錢?

Chinese Lesson 13

I like to eat 我喜歡吃,
I don't eat 我不吃

Chinese Lesson 12


Chinese Lesson 11

Happy birthday to you

Chinese Lesson 10

I have a pair of shoes

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