Let’s Talk in Chinese Lessons Series
Learning Chinese words and phrases
easily with brief video instructions

This is the best way to learn Chinese efficiently today! With a specific YouTube video for each lesson to help you learning basic Chinese phrases by constructing words by words together with simple grammar structure.

In each lesson you will practice Chinese words of each phrase with the pronunciations and meanings, with the studying of combined elementary characters repeatedly to understand the related Chinese words and phrases comprehensively.

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Chinese Lesson 18

I am so bored 我好悶
I would like to have a chat 我想聊一聊

Chinese Lesson 17

True love can last forever

Chinese Lesson 16

Where are you from? 你從哪裡來
Where are you going? 你要去哪裡

Chinese Lesson 15

Do you want to go?

Chinese Lesson 14

this one 這個, that one 那個
How much is it? 多少錢?

Chinese Lesson 13

I like to eat 我喜歡吃,
I don't eat 我不吃

Chinese Lesson 12


Chinese Lesson 11

Happy birthday to you

Chinese Lesson 10

I have a pair of shoes

Chinese Lesson 9

Good friends just love chasing mice together

Chinese Lesson 8

Can you be my friend?

Chinese Lesson 7

我 I, 我們 We, 一起 together

Chinese Lesson 6

猴子Monkey, 猴子Monkey, 猴子Monkey
Chinese tongue twister

Chinese Lesson 5

bird鳥 fly飛, fish魚 swim游, people人 walk走

Chinese Lesson 4

我有一隻小貓咪 I have a little kitty
我有一條大狗狗 I have a big doggy

Chinese tongue twister

Chinese Lesson 3

我想要 I want to

Chinese Lesson 2

愛你Love you, 愛我Love me, 他He, 她She, 牠It
Chinese tongue twister

Chinese Lesson 1

大(big, great) vs. 小(small, little)

Basic Chinese Numbers, Dates, Months, and Years

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