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ugly duckling


unable to sleep; inability to sleep

unbearable; insufferable

unbearable; terribly enough

unbeatable rival; invincible opponent

uncertain; vague

uncertain future; slim chance

uncivilized; brutal

uncle; father's younger brother

uncommon; rare

uncomplicated; simple

uncooked rice

uncultured; rude

undaunted; determined; resolute

under (video)

under; below (di, Mandarin pinyin practice)

under; below (xia, Mandarin pinyin practice)

under the tree

undergo; pass through


understand; aware of

understand; realize

understand; understanding

understand clearly; realize

understand thoroughly; go through

undertake; bear

undertake; burden

Underworld; Hell; inferno

undesirable; insignificant

unearth; excavate

unexpected change; turnaround

unexpected tricky move (martial art)

unexpectedly; happening by chance

unfair preferential treatment

unfairness; grievance

unfavorable situation; disadvantage

unfavorable wind; adverse wind

unfinished love

unfortunately; sadly

unhappy; annoyed

unhurried; slow

uniform; distinctive clothing

uniform; equal; together

unify; unity

unique skill; master-stroke

unique; special; particular

unite; combine

unite; connect

unite; gather into one

United States

universal; common

universal; general; popular

Universe; cosmos (yu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

Universe; cosmos (zhou, Mandarin pinyin practice)

unknown; mysterious

unknown name; anonymous

unlikely to be swayed; impossible to subdue (Chinese idiom)

unlimited; limitless; infinite

unlucky; inauspicious

unmanageable; obstinate; stubborn

unmarried; single

unnatural; awkward

unobstructed; smoothly

unobstructed; through

unoccupied; vacant

unorthodox; unconventional; nonconformist

unpleasant smell; stench

unpolished semi-precessed thing

unprepared; sudden; abrupt

unreflective act; impulse

unrestrained; casual

unrestrained; dissolute

unruly; unrestrained

unsettled; unresolved

unusual; particular; special; especial

unwavering; resolute

unwillingly; reluctantly; grudgingly

unwilling to work; lazy

unyielding; indomitable; dauntless (Chinese idiom)

unyielding; obstinate; stubborn

up; upper

up and down; high and low (shang, Mandarin pinyin practice)

up and down; high and low (xia, Mandarin pinyin practice)

up to; follow the wishes of

up-to-date; new

upbraid; repel

upheaval; turbulent

uplift; life; raise

upmost; extremely (jue, Mandarin pinyin practice)

upmost; extremely (zhi, Mandarin pinyin practice)

upper arm

upper garment; shirt


upright; vertical (li, Mandarin pinyin practice)

upright; vertical (shu, Mandarin pinyin practice)

upright; positive

upright; worried

upright and proper

upside down; inverted



urbane; courteous and refined in manner

urge; exhort; exert oneself to

urge; press for; push for

urge; urgent; hurry

urge someone earnestly; exhort

urge spiritually; rouse to action

urgent; hurried

urgent; pressing (jin, Mandarin pinyin practice)

urgent, pressing (po, Mandarin pinyin practice)

Ursa Major, Big Dipper constellation

urine; to urinate

us; we (zan, Mandarin pinyin practice)

us; we (men, Mandarin pinyin practice)

use; apply; employ

use as; with

use as an excuse

used; secondhand

used to; accustomed to

used to; had experience of


useless words; talk nonsense

usually; constant

utensil; device

utensil; tool

utmost; extreme

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