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Chinese words for
Woman, Female, Mother, Girl, Sister

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feminine principle in nature
feminine principle in nature

Yin-Yang; female and male
female and male

team leader; captain of a team
team leader
captain of a team

elegant, graceful
elegant, graceful

graceful and poised; elegant and poised
graceful and poised
elegant and poised

female, feminine
female, feminine


feminine vigorousness; majestic power of female; mighty prestige of female
feminine vigorousness
majestic power of female
mighty prestige of female


snow-white; as white as snow
as white as snow


lark; skylark

psychic medium; spiritual medium
psychic medium
spiritual medium

ethereal beauty; exquisitely beautiful
ethereal beauty
exquisitely beautiful

pretty, beautiful, lovely
pretty, beautiful, lovely

quiet beauty; tranquil beauty; calm and beautiful
quiet beauty
tranquil beauty
calm and beautiful

mind one's family; responsible to family; look after one's family
mind one's family
responsible to family
look after one's family

brilliance and elegance; intellectual brilliance and elegance
brilliance and elegance
intellectual brilliance and elegance

beauty with magnificent style; unsurpassed beauty of a generation
beauty with magnificent style
unsurpassed beauty of a generation

flirtatious expressions; playful sexual attraction
flirtatious expressions
playful sexual attraction

charming and graceful; fascinating and charming; various elegant demeanor; every playful sexual attraction
charming and graceful
fascinating and charming
various elegant demeanor
every playful sexual attraction

flowing elegance; elegant and graceful
flowing elegance
elegant and graceful

flying immortal; flying celestial nymphs
flying immortal
flying celestial nymphs


coquettish, amorous, sex appeal
coquettish, amorous, sex appeal


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