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Woman, Female, Mother, Girl, Sister

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woman; married woman
married woman

women and children
women and children

wife of a younger man; young married woman; daughter-in-law; son's wife; wife of one's son
(of a younger man)
young married woman
son's wife
wife of one's son

good and wise; virtuous and intelligent of a wife, woman
good and wise
virtuous and intelligent
(of a wife, woman)

young women; elder sister
young women
elder sister

young women; charming sister - daring name, not really kinsfolk related
young women
charming sister
(daring name, not really kinsfolk related)

take as wife; marry a woman
take as wife
marry a woman

bride; a woman on her wedding day
a woman on her wedding day

nanny; wet nurse
wet nurse

young female matchmaker
young female matchmaker

woman; father's sister; husband's sister
father's sister
husband's sister

girl; young lady; unmarried woman
young lady
unmarried woman

pretty young woman
pretty young woman

charming woman
charming woman


beautiful girl; pretty woman
beautiful girl
pretty woman

superwoman; Alpha Female; strong woman; a strong, majestic female
Alpha Female
strong woman
a strong, majestic female

queen bee
queen bee

goddess; female deity; celestial nymphs; woman of divine beauty
female deity
celestial nymphs
woman of divine beauty

female slave
female slave

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