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Chinese 1-character Tattoo Words

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virtuous, virtue, good, goodness

virtuous, virtue
good, goodness

happy, joyful


double happiness

double happiness

rich, wealthy

rich, wealthy

tranquil, peaceful, serenity, tranquility

tranquil, peaceful
serenity, tranquility

pamper, dote on

to spoil
to pamper
to favor
dote on

treasure, precious, valuable, darling baby, treasured child

precious, valuable
darling baby
treasured child
highly valued object

special, exclusive

to focus
to concentrate
to specialize

honorable, respectable, dignity, esteemed greatness

to honor
to respect
to esteem
to venerate
honorable, respectable
dignity, esteemed greatness

shaggy dog

shaggy dog

clever, witty, ingenious, artful, skillful, cunning

clever, witty, ingenious
artful, skillful, cunning
coincidence, fortuitously

wizard or witch, witchcraft, sorcery

wizard or witch
witchcraft, sorcery

handsome, commander-in-chief

dashing, smart-looking
commanding general

emperor, monarch

emperor, monarch

teacher, master

teacher, master

lucky, good fortune, fortunately, luckily

lucky, good fortune
fortunately, luckily
wish well
feel joy for

illusory, fantasy, unreal, visionary

illusory, fantasy, unreal, visionary
magical, miraculously, hallucination

deep and remote, quiet, tranquil, serene

deep and remote
secluded, dim, secret, hidden
quiet, tranquil, serene
of the nether world

healthy, safe and well

safe and well

young brother

young brother
a junior

strong, powerful, vigorous


intelligent, refined and gentle

refined and gentle


streak, stripe of tiger
husky, mighty, powerful
a hybrid cross between
a male lion and a female tiger



morality, decency, virtues


fast, quick, rapid, prompt, swift

fast, quick
rapid, prompt, swift

loyal, faithful, devoted

loyal, faithful, devoted

joyful, cheerful, happy, pleasure, harmony

joyful, cheerful, happy
pleasure, harmony

anger, angry, fury, rage

anger, angry
fury, rage

constant, permanent, lasting, continually

constant, permanent
lasting, continually

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