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Chinese Lesson 68

bao - Mandarin pinyin tunes and vocabulary
bāo, báo, bǎo, bào four tunes practice

Chinese Lesson 67

ai - Mandarin pinyin tunes and vocabulary
āi, ái, ǎi, ài four tunes practice

Chinese Lesson 66

ma - Mandarin pinyin tunes and vocabulary
mā, má, mǎ, mà, ma five tunes practice

Chinese Lesson 65

ba - Mandarin pinyin tunes and vocabulary
bā, bá, bǎ, bà, ba five tunes practice

Chinese Lesson 64

thing 東西 the Chinese slang word
what thing 什麼東西, this thing 這個東西
What is this thing? 這是什麼東西
What is this thing called? 這個東西叫做什麼
What are you looking for? 你在找什麼東西
What are you missing? 你還缺什麼東西

Chinese Lesson 63

lend/borrow 借 the same Chinese word
lend money/borrow money 借錢
I lent money to him. 我借錢給他
He borrowed money from me. 他向我借錢
return borrowed money 還錢
He returned the money to me. 他還錢給我
I lent him a book. 我借給他一本書
He borrowed a book from me. 他向我借一本書

Chinese Lesson 62

I wish… I hope… 我希望
I look forward to… 我期待, I expect… 我預料
I wish you were here. 我希望你在這裡
I hope you can come back. 我希望你能夠回來
I am looking forward to your arrival. 我期待你的到來
I expect that you will come back. 我預料你會回來

Chinese Lesson 61

behind 後面, ahead 前面, beside 旁邊
following behind 跟在後面
walking ahead of 走在前面
standing beside 站在旁邊

Chinese Lesson 60

persist to the end 堅持到底
seize the opportunity 把握機會
get help, receive assistance 得到幫助
start over again 重新開始
work hard 努力工作

Chinese Lesson 59

a little bit 一點, 一點點
bit by bit, little by little 一點一滴
Would you please speak more slowly. 請你說慢一點
Would you please give me a little more time. 請你給我一點時間
I can speak a little bit of Chinese. 我會說一點點中文
accumulate energy bit by bit 一點一滴累積能量

Chinese Lesson 58

listen to music 聽音樂
listen to stories 聽故事
tell stories 說故事
fabricate a story 編故事

Chinese Lesson 57

Thanksgiving Roast Turkey Dinner
family reunion 全家團聚
remember to be grateful 記得感恩

Chinese Lesson 56

It’s time to… 時間到了
I forgot… 我忘記了

Chinese Lesson 55

play piano 彈鋼琴, play guitar 彈吉他
play violin 拉小提琴, play the flute 吹笛子

Chinese Lesson 54

They are working in the office 他們正在辦公室工作
Those people are dancing on the stage 那些人正在舞台跳舞

Chinese Lesson 53

pursuit of dreams 追求夢想
sharing happiness 分享快樂
face the challenges 面對挑戰
keep the faith 保持信念
overcome difficulties 克服困難

Chinese Lesson 52

princess公主, prince王子, witch巫婆, angel天使
She is a princess. 她是公主
He is a prince. 他是王子
She is a witch. 她是巫婆
He is an angel. 他是天使

Chinese Lesson 51

funny好笑, touching感人, comfortable舒服, satisfied滿意
very funny很好笑, very touching很感人
very comfortable很舒服, very satisfied很滿意

Chinese Lesson 50

like喜歡, scare, afraid怕, dislike討厭
Monkeys like to eat bananas.猴子喜歡吃香蕉
Cats like to chase mice.貓喜歡追老鼠
elephants are scared of mice大象怕老鼠
I am afraid of spiders.我怕蜘蛛
I dislike cockroaches very much.我很討厭蟑螂

Chinese Lesson 49

puppy小狗,big dog大狗, kitten小貓,old cat老貓
children小孩,adult大人, people人,old people老人

Chinese Lesson 48

by the roadside 在路邊, at the riverside 在河邊
go to the seaside 到海邊, by the lakeside 在湖邊

Chinese Lesson 47

in the house 在屋裡, on the tree 在樹上
by the door 在門旁邊, in the water 在水中

Chinese Lesson 46

on the table 在桌子上, on the chair 在椅子上
under the tree 在樹下, by the side 在身旁

Chinese Lesson 45

taller than me 比我高, shorter than me 比我矮
fatter than me 比我胖, slimmer than me 比我瘦

Chinese Lesson 44

How old are you? 你幾歲
How old are you? 你今年幾歲

Chinese Lesson 43

Where do you stay? 你住哪裡
Where do you live? 你住哪裡

Chinese Lesson 42

Any questions?
What is your question?

Chinese Lesson 41

Do you have time?
Are you free right now?

Chinese Lesson 40

Long time, no see. 好久不見
How are you recently? 你最近還好嗎

Chinese Lesson 39

About the latest news..
What's your opinion?

Chinese Lesson 38

Typhoon is approaching 颱風來了
Please be careful 請注意安全

Chinese Lesson 37

What should I do?

Chinese Lesson 36

I want a bowl of hot and sour soup
I want one portion of fried spring roll

Chinese Lesson 35

It's too spicy 太辣了
I want to drink water 我要喝水

Chinese Lesson 34

sweet 甜 and sugar 糖
salty 鹹 and salt 鹽

Chinese Lesson 33

Nice weather today 今天天氣好
Bad weather today 今天天氣壞

Chinese Lesson 32

12 Chinese zodiac animals
5 Chinese elements 金木水火土

Chinese Lesson 31

I am doing things carefully 我做事小心
She is doing things boldly 她做事大膽

Chinese Lesson 30

hens lay eggs 雞生蛋
eggs hatch chicks 蛋生雞

Chinese Lesson 29

I am sorry 對不起
my fault 我的錯

Chinese Lesson 28

May I help you? 我可以幫你嗎
I need your help! 我需要你的幫忙

Chinese Lesson 27

I want a glass of water 我要一杯水
Thanks for your water 謝謝你的水

Chinese Lesson 26

Why? 為什麼
I don't know 我不知道

Chinese Lesson 25

Excuse me, where can I find a convenience store?

Chinese Lesson 24

Excuse me, what's your name? 請問你叫什麼名字

Chinese Lesson 23

Where is the toilet? 請問廁所在哪裡
Where is the station? 請問車站在哪裡

Chinese Lesson 22

Please come over for a moment 請你來一下
I have a problem here 我這裡有問題

Chinese Lesson 21

Please give me chopsticks 請給我筷子
I want to eat fried noodles 我想吃炒麵

Chinese Lesson 20

Would you please hurry up 請你快一點
I am in a hurry 我趕時間

Chinese Lesson 19

I like you 我喜歡你
I like to travel with you

Chinese Lesson 18

I am so bored 我好悶
I would like to have a chat 我想聊一聊

Chinese Lesson 17

True love can last forever

Chinese Lesson 16

Where are you from? 你從哪裡來
Where are you going? 你要去哪裡

Chinese Lesson 15

Do you want to go?

Chinese Lesson 14

this one 這個, that one 那個
How much is it? 多少錢?

Chinese Lesson 13

I like to eat 我喜歡吃,
I don't eat 我不吃

Chinese Lesson 12


Chinese Lesson 11

Happy birthday to you

Chinese Lesson 10

I have a pair of shoes

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