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strong and powerful;
physically violent and frightening

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fierce (1-character)







fierce; ferocious; savagely fierce
savagely fierce

bold and powerful; fierce and powerful; mighty and vigorous
bold and powerful
fierce and powerful
mighty and vigorous

swift and violent; agile and vigorous; quick and fierce
swift and violent
agile and vigorous
quick and fierce

lionhearted; brave and fierce; fierce and intrepid
brave and fierce
fierce and intrepid

brave and fierce; valiant and powerful
brave and fierce
valiant and powerful

swift and fierce; quick and forceful; fast and powerful
swift and fierce
quick and forceful
fast and powerful

strong and powerful; fierce and formidable
strong and powerful
fierce and formidable

swift and fierce; valiant and tough; brave and doughty
swift and fierce
valiant and tough
brave and doughty

valiant and brave; ferocious and intrepid; fierce and courageous
valiant and brave
ferocious and intrepid
fierce and courageous

fierce horse
fierce horse

brave warrior; fierce soldier; valiant fighter
brave warrior
fierce soldier
valiant fighter

fierce fighting; severe fighting; fight a fierce battle
fierce fighting
severe fighting
fight a fierce battle

formidable leader; fierce and ambitious figure; ambitious and ruthless character; unscrupulous, brave and capable person
formidable leader
fierce and ambitious figure
ambitious and ruthless character
unscrupulous, brave and capable person

T-Rex; Tyrannosaurus; fierce dragon
fierce dragon

fierce tiger; ferocious tiger
fierce tiger
ferocious tiger

fierce animal; ferocious beast
fierce animal
ferocious beast

fierce birds; birds of prey
fierce birds
birds of prey

fierce dog; ferocious dog
fierce dog
ferocious dog

fierce dog; vicious dog; dangerous dog
fierce dog
vicious dog
dangerous dog

bad girl; fierce woman
bad girl
fierce woman

rouge tigress; fierce and tough woman
rouge tigress
fierce and tough woman

fierce person; evil star; malignant star
fierce person
evil star
malignant star

twisted and ferocious; fierce-looking features
twisted and ferocious
fierce-looking features

fierce wind; very strong wind
fierce wind
very strong wind

blazing fire; raging fire; fierce fire
blazing fire
raging fire
fierce fire

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