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able to withstand force, pressure;
marked by great physical power

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strong; sturdy; robust; brawny; vigorous

robust; vigorous; strong and healthy
strong and healthy

forceful; full of strength; strong and assertive; vigorous and powerful
full of strength
strong and assertive
vigorous and powerful

a slugger; a strong hitter in baseball game
a slugger
a strong hitter in baseball game

doughty; intrepid; strong and brave; brave and persistent
strong and brave
brave and persistent

fortitude; unyielding; firm and resolute; tough and strong; courage in adversity
firm and resolute
tough and strong
courage in adversity

tough and strong; brave and strong; staunch and strong; resolute and sturdy; unyielding and tough
tough and strong
brave and strong
staunch and strong
resolute and sturdy
unyielding and tough

ultra strong; super strong; extremely powerful
ultra strong
super strong
extremely powerful

Only the Strong Survives
Only the Strong Survives.

growing sturdily; grow up healthy and strong
growing sturdily
grow up healthy and strong

strong; forceful; powerful; energetic; showing great vitality; vigorous and powerful; having great power or strength
showing great vitality
vigorous and powerful
having great power or strength

strong enough; cool enough; energetic indeed; absolutely vigorous
strong enough
cool enough
energetic indeed
absolutely vigorous

powerful enemy; strong adversary; vigorous opponent
powerful enemy
strong adversary
vigorous opponent

strong feather; powerful wings
strong feather
powerful wings

strong and energetic; vigorous and powerful
strong and energetic
vigorous and powerful

robust physique; strong and healthy
robust physique
strong and healthy

vigorous; strong and healthy; sturdy and healthy
strong and healthy
sturdy and healthy

sturdy; robust; vigorous; healthy and strong; strong and vigorous
healthy and strong
strong and vigorous

bodybuilding; strong and handsome
strong and handsome

mighty in spirit; strong and vigorous; courage and determination
mighty in spirit
strong and vigorous
courage and determination

old but strong; hale and hearty
old but strong
hale and hearty

strong and unyielding; capable and vigorous
strong and unyielding
capable and vigorous

strongly built; big and tall; large and strong; massive and stalwart
strongly built
big and tall
large and strong
massive and stalwart

big and tall; tall and strong; husky and stalwart
big and tall
tall and strong
husky and stalwart

lofty and strong; prop up the sky; prop the heaven
lofty and strong
prop up the sky
prop the heaven

strong and powerful; fierce and formidable
strong and powerful
fierce and formidable

tough and tensile; firm and tenacious; sturdy and durable; tenacious and strong
tough and tensile
firm and tenacious
sturdy and durable
tenacious and strong

believe firmly; strongly believe
believe firmly
strongly believe

strong determination; daring and resolution
strong determination
daring and resolution

solidify; strengthen; consolidate
to solidify
to strengthen
to consolidate

firm; stout; strong and thick
strong and thick

strong and sturdy; muscular and healthy
strong and sturdy
muscular and healthy

tough guy; strong man
tough guy
strong man

iron-willed fellow; man of firm principle; strong determined person
iron-willed fellow
man of firm principle
strong determined person

Iron Lady; strong-willed woman
Iron Lady
strong-willed woman

strong woman; a strong, majestic female; a powerful and successful woman
strong woman
a strong, majestic female
a powerful and successful woman

strong man; man of muscle; man of unusual strength
strong man
man of muscle
man of unusual strength

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger; When the going gets tough, the tough get going
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

One can be strong if he has no selfish desires; Having no desire is firm and uncompromising
One can be strong if he has no selfish desires.
Having no desire is firm and uncompromising.

fierce wind; violent wind; very strong wind
fierce wind
violent wind
very strong wind

strong wind; strong gust of wind
strong wind
strong gust of wind

gale; strong wind; chasing the wind
strong wind
chasing the wind

strong wind; wind in upper space
strong wind
wind in upper space

thick flavor; dense taste; strong interest
thick (flavor)
dense (taste)
strong (interest)

rich; strong; heavy flavor, fragrance
(flavor, fragrance)

great tenderness between lovers; strong feelings and sweet sentiment
great tenderness between lovers
strong feelings and sweet sentiment

merit; strong point; good qualities
strong point
good qualities

strong point; special ability; personal strength
strong point
special ability
personal strength

strong ability; good aspects; desirable quality
strong ability
good aspects
desirable quality

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