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fierce (1-character)

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fierce (Chinese words)

cruel; fierce; ferocious; violent

fierce, ferocious; brave, bold, valiant
fierce, ferocious
brave, bold, valiant

fierce, ferocious; bold, brave, vigorous
fierce, ferocious
bold, brave, vigorous

strong, ardent; fierce, intense
strong, ardent
fierce, intense

violent, fierce, atrocious; sudden and violent; cruel, savage; short-tempered; get angry easily
violent, fierce, atrocious
sudden and violent
cruel, savage
get angry easily

fierce god; malignant deity
fierce god
malignant deity

fierce ones; hegemonic power
fierce ones
hegemonic power

fierce appearance; awe-inspiring look
fierce appearance
awe-inspiring look

fierce; a monster, wicked person
a monster, wicked person

fierce and rude; wild and uncivilized
fierce and rude
wild and uncivilized

a fierce beast like a tiger
a fierce beast like a tiger

legendary ferocious beast; fierce and courageous troops
legendary ferocious beast
fierce and courageous troops

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