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having great power or strength

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powerful (1-character)





might, majesty, imposing; power and prestige; powerful and influence
might, majesty, imposing
power and prestige
powerful and influence

bold and powerful; fierce and powerful; mighty and vigorous
bold and powerful
fierce and powerful
mighty and vigorous

heroic and mighty; mighty and grandeur; powerful and grandeur; imposing and formidable
heroic and mighty
mighty and grandeur
powerful and grandeur
imposing and formidable

martial prowess; invincible might
martial prowess
invincible might

swift and fierce; quick and forceful; fast and powerful
swift and fierce
quick and forceful
fast and powerful

strong and powerful; severe and powerful; fierce and formidable; great power and strength
strong and powerful
severe and powerful
fierce and formidable
great power and strength

forceful; powerful with force; strong and energetic; vigorous and powerful; driving and forceful
powerful with force
strong and energetic
vigorous and powerful
driving and forceful

strong feather; powerful wings
strong feather
powerful wings

mighty; formidable; big and powerful
big and powerful

forceful; full of strength; strong and assertive; vigorous and powerful
full of strength
strong and assertive
vigorous and powerful

powerful enemy; formidable rival; strong adversary; worthy adversary; vigorous opponent
powerful enemy
formidable rival
strong adversary
worthy adversary
vigorous opponent

invincible throughout the world; matchless throughout the world; too powerful to be defeated
invincible throughout the world
matchless throughout the world
too powerful to be defeated

dominating; compelling; influential and powerful
influential and powerful

ultra strong; super strong; extremely powerful
ultra strong
super strong
extremely powerful

superwoman; Alpha Female; strong woman; a strong, majestic female; a powerful and successful woman
Alpha Female
strong woman
a strong, majestic female
a powerful and successful woman

invincible; unbeatable; unrivaled; matchless; incomparable; too powerful to be defeated
too powerful to be defeated

brave and fierce; valiant and powerful; gallant and mettlesome
brave and fierce
valiant and powerful
gallant and mettlesome

lionhearted; brave and fierce; fierce and intrepid; bold and powerful
brave and fierce
fierce and intrepid
bold and powerful

strong; forceful; powerful; energetic; showing great vitality; vigorous and powerful; having great power or strength
showing great vitality
vigorous and powerful
having great power or strength

profound and thorough; powerful kung fu; mastering in martial art
profound and thorough
powerful kung fu
mastering in martial art

natural and powerful; simple and vigorous; vigorous and energetic; robust thoroughly
natural and powerful
simple and vigorous
vigorous and energetic
robust thoroughly

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