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defend or keep a principle or law;
confirm or support something which has been questioned

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enforce the law; execute the law; uphold the law; law enforcement; put law into practice
enforce the law
execute the law
uphold the law
law enforcement
put law into practice

uphold justice; promote justice
uphold justice
promote justice

keep, maintain, support, uphold
to keep, maintain
to support, uphold

insist, persist; persevere in; continue upholding; maintain unyieldingly; remain committed to
to insist
to persist
persevere in
continue upholding
maintain unyieldingly
remain committed to

maintain; preserve; uphold and support; conserve and protect
to maintain
to preserve
uphold and support
conserve and protect

to value, uphold, esteem
to value
to uphold
to esteem

uphold; esteem; venerate; honor and admire; hold in reverence; respect opinion of; reverente mental attitude
to uphold
to esteem
to venerate
honor and admire
hold in reverence
respect opinion of
reverente mental attitude

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