Chinese symbols/words listed alphabetically

kung fu

kung fu
Chinese martial art

fighting skills
martial arts accomplishment

martial arts
fighting skills
skills of fighting

martial arts circles
Kung Fu Jungle

kung fu competition
competition in martial art

practice one's skill
exercises of kung fu

occult martial art skills
magic power of qigong
remarkable feat of kung fu

essential Qi, Chi
Qi, Chi from qigong
genuine internal energy

moves in martial art


Shaolin boxing

kung fu boxing
technique of fist

fists and feet
kung fu of fists and feet

power of the palm
(of kung fu palm method)

palm method
(kung fu, martial art)

Iron hand
Iron palm (kung fu)

head of a dojo
master of a kung fu branch

instruct apprentices
teaching special skills

secret scroll
secret scripture of martial arts

free hand boxing
Chinese kickboxing

catch and grapple arts
seizing-and-grappling arts
capturing and grappling skills

puncture points
acupuncture points

exclusive style of kung fu
detached sect of martial arts

Golden shield (kung fu)

Iron cloth (kung fu)

Iron head (kung fu)

white brows
Bai Mei Taoist

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