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(multi-character Chinese words)

the end part of a person's arm beyond the wrist,
including the palm, fingers, and thumb

hand (see 1-character Chinese symbols)

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right hand
right hand

left hand
left hand

left-hander; left-handed person
left-handed person




arm; upper limb of the human body
upper limb
(of the human body)

wash hands
wash hands

hold hands; hand in hand; join hands together
hold hands
hand in hand
join hands together

join hands; hand in hand; holding each other's hand
join hands
hand in hand
holding each other's hand

shake hands
shake hands

to wave; wave one's hand
to wave
wave one's hand

to beckon; wave hand; make a gesture with the hand to encourage someone to approach or follow
to beckon
wave hand
make a gesture with the hand
to encourage someone to approach or follow

to applaud; clap hands; show approval or praise by clapping
to applaud
clap hands
show approval or praise by clapping

use hands; start working; raise a hand to strike
use hands
start working
raise a hand to strike

pushing hands; hand-pushing exercise in Taijiquan
pushing hands
hand-pushing exercise in Taijiquan

helper; helping hand
helping hand

handicraft; craftsmanship; workmanship

handmade; made by hand
made by hand

dab hand; skillful hands
dab hand
skillful hands

past master; skilled hand; a good hand; expert, professional
past master
skilled hand
a good hand
expert, professional

deft hand; quick worker; nimble-handed person
deft hand
quick worker
nimble-handed person

dactylology; sign language
sign language

palm of the hand; the flat of one's hand
palm of the hand
the flat of one's hand

palm of the hand; a slap
palm of the hand
a slap

applause; sound of clapping
sound of clapping

to master; control; have in hand; gain control of
to master
to control
have in hand
gain control of


glove puppetry; cloth puppets
glove puppetry
cloth puppets

folding fan; hand fan; handheld fan
folding fan
hand fan
handheld fan

upper hand; superior position; favorable position; advantageous position
upper hand
superior position
favorable position
advantageous position


catch and grapple arts; seizing-and-grappling arts; capturing and grappling skills
catch and grapple arts
seizing-and-grappling arts
capturing and grappling skills


fight hand to hand; engaged in a hand-to-hand fight
fight hand to hand
engaged in a hand-to-hand fight

fist fighting; hand-to-hand fight; barehanded fighting; close fight without weapons
fist fighting
hand-to-hand fight
barehanded fighting
close fight without weapons

akimbo, with arms akimbo; with hands on the hips and elbows turned outwards
with arms akimbo
with hands on the hips
and elbows turned outwards

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