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fighting, battle

Chinese text:

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war, battle

to fight

to combat

Zhan, Chinese surname
Chinese Surnames Collection

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pronunciation: zhan~4

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recommended words or phrases:


to fight
to battle
to combat

fighting strength
combat effectiveness


comrade in arms
battle companion
fighting companion

to defeat
to vanquish
win a battle

battle steed

battle song
fighting song

war drum
battle drum

god of wars

war prisoner
prisoner of war


meet a challenge
face the challenge

final battle
decisive battle
fight a decisive battle

bitter fight
hard battle
tough game
fight against heavy odds

hard battle
heated battle
pitched battle
bitter fighting
fierce fighting
severe fighting
fight a fierce battle
engage in a furious battle

bellicose hawkish

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

veteran in battle
battle seasoned
experienced many battles
fought a hundred battles
gone through numerous battles

victorious in every battle

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