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yearn for

to hope, expect
to yearn, long for

to hope
to expect
wish for
long for
yearn for
look forward

hope, expect
wish for, yearn for
watch, look over

long for
crave for
yearn for
aspire after

long for
yearn for

wish for love
expecting spring breeze

yearn for
to admire, adore

to yearn, aspire
indecisive, irresolute
(classic literary symbol)

longing for
looking forward
yearning expectation

yearn for
longing for
aspire after
look forward to
attracted toward

long-cherished wish
long-standing ambition

yearn for the past
recollect good old days

yearn for old friends
long for good old days

enamored of
infatuated with
blind love with
have a crush on
yearn madly for

miss each other
yearning between lovers

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