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yearn for
have an intense feeling of longing for something

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long for



to hope, expect; yearn, long for
to hope, expect
to yearn, long for

long for; wish for; yarn for; hope for; anticipate; look forward to; await expectantly
long for
wish for
yarn for
hope for
to anticipate
look forward to
await expectantly

to hope, expect; wish for; long for; yearn for; look forward
to hope
to expect
wish for
long for
yearn for
look forward

hope, expect; wish for, yearn for
hope, expect
wish for, yearn for

long for; crave for; yearn for; aspire after
long for
crave for
yearn for
aspire after

long for; yearn for; have a very strong desire or yearning for someone or something
long for
yearn for
have a very strong desire
or yearning for someone or something

wish for love; yearn for romantic love; expecting spring breeze
wish for love
yearn for romantic love
expecting spring breeze

yearn for; to admire, adore
yearn for
to admire, adore

to yearn, aspire
to yearn, aspire

aspire; longing for; looking forward; yearning expectation
longing for
looking forward
yearning expectation

yearn for; longing for; aspire after; look forward to; attracted toward
yearn for
longing for
aspire after
look forward to
attracted toward

long-cherished wish; long-standing ambition
long-cherished wish
long-standing ambition

to yearn for; cherish the memory of; have sweet memory of; longing for something that one has lost or been separated from
to yearn for
cherish the memory of
have sweet memory of
longing for something that
one has lost or been separated from

yearn for the past; recollect good old days
yearn for the past
recollect good old days

yearn for the past; yearn for old friends; long for good old days
yearn for the past
yearn for old friends
long for good old days

enamored of; infatuated with; blind love with; have a crush on; yearn madly for
enamored of
infatuated with
blind love with
have a crush on
yearn madly for

lovesickness; miss each other; yearning between lovers
miss each other
yearning between lovers

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