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the distance traveled per unit of time;

to move, work, or take place faster

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speed, velocity; fast, quick, rapid, speedy; prompt, done without delay
speed, velocity
fast, quick, rapid, speedy
prompt, done without delay

speed; velocity

speed per hour
speed per hour

light speed; speed of light
light speed
speed of light

sound speed; velocity of sound
sound speed
velocity of sound

supersonic; supersonic speed
supersonic speed

high speed
high speed

to race wildly; violent winds, gales, whirlwind
to race wildly
violent winds, gales, whirlwind

drag racing; street racing
drag racing
street racing

speed racing
speed racing

lightning speed; amazingly swift; marvelously quick; incredible pace of development
lightning speed
amazingly swift
marvelously quick
incredible pace of development

Speed is precious in war; speed is most valuable in military affairs; Mobility is the best tactics in fighting a war
Speed is precious in war.
speed is most valuable in military affairs
Mobility is the best tactics in fighting a war.

to sprint; spurt; dash; run at full speed
to sprint
to spurt
to dash
run at full speed

to speed; gallop; run fast
to speed
to gallop
run fast

to gallop; to speed, go swiftly
to gallop
to speed, go swiftly

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