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quick (1-character)

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quick (Chinese words)

fast, quick; rapid, prompt, swift
fast, quick
rapid, prompt, swift

speed, velocity; fast, quick, rapid, speedy; prompt, done without delay
speed, velocity
fast, quick, rapid, speedy
prompt, done without delay

swift, fast; quick, rapid, prompt
swift, fast
quick, rapid, prompt

agile, prompt, quick, swift
agile, prompt, quick, swift

to run; move quickly
to run
move quickly

to run quickly, urge on
to run quickly, urge on

running fast of dogs, swift, quick, rapid, storm, gale, hurricane
running fast
(said of dogs)
swift, quick, rapid
storm, gale, hurricane

agile, nimble, quick; clever, smart
agile, nimble, quick
clever, smart

clever, bright, astute; quick of apprehension
clever, bright, astute
quick of apprehension

clever, sharp, quick; effective, efficacious
clever, sharp, quick
effective, efficacious

clever, smart, quick, devilish, damned, ghastly
clever, smart, quick
devilish, damned, ghastly

easy and quick, facile, sharp, clever
easy and quick
facile, sharp, clever

fast, quick
fast, quick

suddenly, quickly, abruptly
suddenly, quickly, abruptly

fast, quick, clean, clear
fast, quick
clean, clear

fast, quick, fleeting; lasting for a very short time
fast, quick, fleeting
lasting for a very short time

put on; throw on; quickly put clothes on
put on
throw on
quickly put clothes on


quick-fry of cooking
(of cooking)

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