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moving fast or doing something in a short time

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quick (1-character Chinese symbols)


express; fast, quick; agile, nimble, prompt
fast, quick
agile, nimble, prompt

fast and agile; swift and prompt; quick and expeditious
fast and agile
swift and prompt
quick and expeditious

quick and fierce, swift and violent, agile and vigorous
quick and fierce
swift and violent
agile and vigorous

fast, swift, quick, prompt, expeditious

amazingly swift, marvelously quick
amazingly swift
marvelously quick

to gallop, run quickly, travel quickly
to gallop
run quickly
travel quickly

swift and fierce; quick and forceful; fast and powerful
swift and fierce
quick and forceful
fast and powerful

quick meal; fast food
quick meal
fast food

deft hand; quick worker; nimble-handed person
deft hand
quick worker
nimble-handed person

nimble and quick-witted; clever and fast in response
nimble and quick-witted
clever and fast in response

well-executed; behave neatly; in a neat way; agile and nimble
behave neatly
in a neat way
agile and nimble

quick and sharp, keen and sensitive
quick and sharp
keen and sensitive

quick and nimble, brisk and energetic, supple and graceful
quick and nimble
brisk and energetic
supple and graceful

light and quick, play in quick rhythm
light and quick
play in quick rhythm

agile; adroit; nimble; quick and light in movement; able to move quickly and easily
quick and light in movement
able to move quickly and easily

witty, quick-witted

clever; quick-witted; readily responsive
readily responsive

agile, quick-witted, alert and resourceful
alert and resourceful

clever, quick-witted, smart and intelligent
smart and intelligent

intelligent, quick of comprehension
quick of comprehension

clever and sensible; lovely and quick-witted
clever and sensible
lovely and quick-witted

quick and energetic, active and enthusiastic
quick and energetic
active and enthusiastic

promoted quickly, increase very quickly, moving upwards quickly
promoted quickly
increase very quickly
moving upwards quickly

Hurry up, go quickly
Hurry up!
go quickly


quick-boil; boil for a short time
boil for a short time

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