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List of all related Chinese words in English keywords:

put something on top of something
in order to protect or conceal it;

a thing which lies on, over, or around something

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put on







cover up; to shut, close
cover up
to shut, close

cover for someone; to protect someone from attack or punishment
cover for someone
to protect someone
from attack or punishment

cover with hand; to cover, hide, conceal
cover with hand
to cover, hide, conceal

cover, conceal
to cover, conceal

a cover, lid, hood; cover with a lid or sheet
a cover, lid, hood
to cover with a lid or sheet

cover, sheath
cover, sheath

to cover; overturn; turn upside down
to cover
to overturn
turn upside down

lid, cover; to cover, surpass
lid, cover
to cover, surpass

a lid, cap, cover
a lid, cap, cover

lift a lid, cover
lift a lid, cover

canopy, awning; shed, shack, hut, hovel
canopy, awning
shed, shack, hut, hovel

cover up; hide; screen; conceal
to cover up
to hide
to screen
to conceal

cover, cover up; deceive, hoodwink
to cover, cover up
to deceive, hoodwink

to bury; cover up with earth or snow
to bury
cover up with earth or snow

to cover, submerge
to cover, submerge

to cover, hide, conceal; be under cover
to cover, hide, conceal
to be under cover

complement; compensate; cover the shortage; make up for a deficiency
cover the shortage
make up for a deficiency

floating clouds; covered with clouds
floating clouds
covered with clouds

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