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not allow to be seen;
prevent disclosure or recognition of

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hidden, concealed
hidden, concealed

invisible; unable to be seen
unable to be seen

Invisible Man; Hollow Man
Invisible Man
Hollow Man

hide, conceal
to hide, conceal

hide oneself; conceal oneself
hide oneself
conceal oneself

to hide; conceal
to hide
to conceal

cover, conceal
to cover, conceal

cover up; screen; conceal
to cover up
to screen
to conceal

to protect; to harbor; to hide, conceal
to protect
to harbor
to hide, conceal

hide, conceal; dive, submerge
to hide, conceal
to dive, submerge

dim, dark; concealed, hidden
dim, dark
concealed, hidden

to hide; conceal; ignorant of
to hide
to conceal
ignorant of

conceal, perish; confused, disorderly
conceal, perish
confused, disorderly

cover with hand; to cover, hide, conceal
cover with hand
to cover, hide, conceal

to hide, conceal; military strategy, tactics
to hide, conceal
military strategy, tactics

cover, hide, conceal
to cover, hide, conceal

to masquerade; disguise oneself; give a different appearance in order to conceal one's identity
to masquerade
disguise oneself
give a different appearance
in order to conceal one's identity

disguise; camouflage; altering one's appearance to conceal one's identity
altering one's appearance
to conceal one's identity

camouflage color; military camouflage; forest camouflage
camouflage color
military camouflage
forest camouflage

to lurk; ambush; surprise attack from a concealed position
to lurk
surprise attack
(from a concealed position)

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