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love, affection

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pronunciation: ài ai~4

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recommended words or phrases:

beloved daughter

beloved son

beloved wife


god of love

one's beloved

tender passion

to value
to cherish
hold dear

take good care of
give kind protection

in love with
feel deeply attached to

to adore
to admire
to worship

love and pity
show tender affection

benevolent heart
kindness and concern

Love Conquers All.

fall in love
tender passions
romantic attachment

mother's love
maternal love

to pamper
dote on

to spoil
to pamper
dote on (a child)
smother with love

to love
to favor
cherish with heart

to cherish
to treasure
love dearly

love dearly
dote on someone
fond of excessively

earnest love
genuine love

love ardently
fond fervently
passionate love
deep attachment

ardent love
aglow love
fervid love
passionate love

to cherish
to treasure
to dote on
to love deeply
be very fond of

loving care for
care and cherish
concern and love

true love


to adore
respect and love

conjugal love
love each other

conjugal love

loving couple
devoted couple
affectionate couple

I love you

love you forever

More in love with you
Love you more and more with time.

eternal love
love forever

forever in love
Bathe in a river of love forever.
May you two always be in love!

endless love

love each other devotedly
dear to each other intimately
attached to each other deeply

sweet memories left behind
remembrance of somebody's love

legacy of love from one who passed away.
leave the goodness to the world after one’s death.

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