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virtuous (1-character)

virtue (Chinese idiom)

virtue (Chinese words)

loyal and righteous, faithful and virtuous, loyalty and righteousness
loyal and righteous
faithful and virtuous
loyalty and righteousness

serendipity; good karma; virtuous karma
good karma
virtuous karma

able and virtuous; talented and virtuous
able and virtuous
talented and virtuous

good wife; virtuous wife
good wife
virtuous wife

good and wise; virtuous and intelligent of a wife, woman
good and wise
virtuous and intelligent
(of a wife, woman)

virtuous and sincere; decent and magnanimous; generous and tender-hearted
virtuous and sincere
decent and magnanimous
generous and tender-hearted

moral conduct, virtuous manners, exemplary conduct, morality and conduct
moral conduct
virtuous manners
exemplary conduct
morality and conduct

helpful friend; worthy friend; wise companion; virtuous companion
helpful friend
worthy friend
wise companion
virtuous companion

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