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virtue (Chinese idiom)

virtuous (1-character)

virtuous (Chinese words)

virtuous, virtue, good, goodness, righteousness, satisfactory
virtuous, virtue
good, goodness
righteousness, satisfactory

supreme good; summum bonum; highest level of virtue
supreme good
summum bonum
highest level of virtue

follow virtue; focus on virtue; towards goodness; devoted to benevolence
follow virtue
focus on virtue
towards goodness
devoted to benevolence

reform; improve oneself; proceed to the virtue; change for the better
improve oneself
proceed to the virtue
change for the better

good karma; reward for good deeds; Virtue has its reward
good karma
reward for good deeds
Virtue has its reward.

good and evil; virtue and vice
good and evil
virtue and vice

morality, decency, virtues, kindness

decency; morality; moral character; personal integrity
moral character
personal integrity

virtue, goodness, moral excellence
moral excellence

beneficence; merit and virtue; achievement and virtue; charitable and pious deeds
merit and virtue
achievement and virtue
charitable and pious deeds

angel, messenger from Heaven, a person of exemplary conduct or virtue
messenger from Heaven
a person of exemplary conduct or virtue

a gentleman; man of virtue; man of integrity; man of noble character; perfect and true gentleman
a gentleman
man of virtue
man of integrity
man of noble character
perfect and true gentleman

good grade of jade, splendor of jade, virtues of a person
virtues of a person
splendor of jade
good grade of jade

elite; a person of accomplishment and virtue
a person of accomplishment and virtue

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