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strong, healthy, and full of energy

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vigorous (1-character Chinese symbols)





strong; sturdy; robust; brawny; vigorous

forceful; full of strength; strong and assertive; vigorous and powerful
full of strength
strong and assertive
vigorous and powerful

robust; vigorous; strong and healthy
strong and healthy

vigorous; strong and healthy; sturdy and healthy
strong and healthy
sturdy and healthy

sturdy; robust; vigorous; healthy and strong; strong and vigorous
healthy and strong
strong and vigorous

energetic; healthy and vigorous; robust and vigorous; in wonderful health
healthy and vigorous
robust and vigorous
in wonderful health

vigorous; exuberant; full of energy; growing luxuriantly; growing abundantly
full of energy
growing luxuriantly
growing abundantly

vigorous; robust physique; strong and healthy
robust physique
strong and healthy

agile and brisk; vigorous and nimble
agile and brisk
vigorous and nimble

capable and vigorous; strong and unyielding
capable and vigorous
strong and unyielding

agile and vigorous
agile and vigorous

bold and powerful; fierce and powerful; mighty and vigorous
bold and powerful
fierce and powerful
mighty and vigorous

feminine vigorousness; majestic power of female; mighty prestige of female
feminine vigorousness
majestic power of female
mighty prestige of female

majestic power; mighty prestige; masculine vigorousness
majestic power
mighty prestige
masculine vigorousness

virile and robust; imposing momentum; masculine and vigorous
virile and robust
imposing momentum
masculine and vigorous

vigorous strength; dash with great force
vigorous strength
dash with great force

forceful; powerful with force; strong and energetic; vigorous and powerful; driving and forceful
powerful with force
strong and energetic
vigorous and powerful
driving and forceful

strong enough; cool enough; energetic indeed; absolutely vigorous
strong enough
cool enough
energetic indeed
absolutely vigorous

powerful enemy; vigorous opponent
powerful enemy
vigorous opponent

natural and powerful; simple and vigorous; vigorous and energetic; robust thoroughly
natural and powerful
simple and vigorous
vigorous and energetic
robust thoroughly

vigorous; exuberant; thriving; full of vitality
full of vitality

to rouse; enliven; brace up mentally; be on one's mettle; vigorous and energetic
to rouse
to enliven
brace up mentally
be on one's mettle
vigorous and energetic

triumphant; daring and energetic; ambition and energy; high-spirited and vigorous
daring and energetic
ambition and energy
high-spirited and vigorous

invigorate, reinvigorate; cause to prosper; develop vigorously; make something stronger, or more exciting or successful again
to invigorate
to reinvigorate
cause to prosper
develop vigorously
make something stronger,
or more exciting or successful again

to exert; strive; efforts; endeavor; vigorous and determined attempt
to exert
to strive
vigorous and determined attempt

to strive; fight vigorously; struggle vigorously
to strive
fight vigorously
struggle vigorously

liberal and unconstrained; vigorous and unrestrained; virile and unconventional
liberal and unconstrained
vigorous and unrestrained
virile and unconventional

mighty in spirit; strong and vigorous; courage and determination
mighty in spirit
strong and vigorous
courage and determination

hale and hearty; keen and vigorous
hale and hearty
keen and vigorous

great strength; force vigorously; push energetically; exert great efforts; with great exertion
great strength
force vigorously
push energetically
exert great efforts
with great exertion

strong; forceful; powerful; energetic; showing great vitality; vigorous and powerful; having great power or strength
showing great vitality
vigorous and powerful
having great power or strength

vigorousness; strong determination; daring and resolution; effort and enthusiasm
strong determination
daring and resolution
effort and enthusiasm

patriotic, patriotism; expressing devotion to and vigorous support for one's country
expressing devotion to and
vigorous support for one's country

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