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a quantity of precious metals, gems,
or other valuable objects;

to take great care of something
because you love it or consider it very valuable

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treasure, precious, valuable
precious, valuable

cherished thing, treasured object
cherished thing
treasured object

treasure; collection of treasures; something valuable that is hidden
collection of treasures
something valuable that is hidden

national treasure, national heirloom
national treasure
national heirloom

heirlooms; family heirloom; hereditary treasure
family heirloom
hereditary treasure

invaluable treasure, most precious asset, most valuable treasure
invaluable treasure
most precious asset
most valuable treasure

three treasures in Buddhism - Buddha, Dharma, Sangha
three treasures in Buddhism
(Buddha, Dharma, Sangha)

Buddha Dharma Sangha - three treasures in Buddhism
Buddha Dharma Sangha
(three treasures in Buddhism)

jewelry, treasure, precious

precious, treasure, very valuable, rare, to value highly
precious, treasure
very valuable, rare
to value highly

cherish, treasure, hold dear, value highly, treasure and avoid wasting
to cherish
to treasure
hold dear
to value highly
treasure and avoid wasting

keep as treasure, precious collection, to treasure in possession
keep as treasure
precious collection
to treasure in possession

to cherish, to treasure, love dearly
to cherish
to treasure
love dearly

cherish, treasure, dote on, love deeply, be very fond of
to cherish
to treasure
to dote on
to love deeply
be very fond of

to love, cherish, treasure; to be fond of; to be keen on
to love
to cherish
to treasure
to be fond of
to be keen on

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