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an intense feeling of deep affection;
feel deep affection or sexual love for someone

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Chinese words for
Love, passion, affection, sentiment


mercy and love; leniency and love; kindness and love; magnanimity and love
mercy and love
leniency and love
kindness and love
magnanimity and love

to love; to favor; hold dear; dearly loved; extremely fond of; cherish with heart
to love
to favor
hold dear
dearly loved
extremely fond of
cherish with heart

caring; loving care; benevolent heart; kindness and concern
loving care
benevolent heart
kindness and concern

mother's love; maternal love
mother's love
maternal love

eternal love, love forever
eternal love
love forever

my love; my darling
my love
my darling

to cherish, to treasure, love dearly
to cherish
to treasure
love dearly

conjugal love; love each other
conjugal love
love each other

lovey-dovey; conjugal love; mutual affection between a couple
conjugal love
mutual affection between a couple

true love
true love

philanthropy; universal love; indiscriminate love
universal love
indiscriminate love

to love people; lover; sweetheart; one's beloved
to love people
one's beloved

god of love
god of love

love; romance; tender passion; tender sentiment; close relationship between two people in love with each other
tender passion
tender sentiment
close relationship between
two people in love with each other

to adore, admire; love and admire someone deeply
to adore
to admire
love and admire someone deeply

love and pity; show fondness for; show tender affection
love and pity
show fondness for
show tender affection

to adore; respect and love
to adore
respect and love

pamper, dote on, love ardently
to pamper
dote on
love ardently

to spoil, to pamper, dote on a child, smother with love
to spoil
to pamper
dote on (a child)
smother with love

earnest love, genuine love
earnest love
genuine love

love ardently; fond fervently; passionate love; deep attachment
love ardently
fond fervently
passionate love
deep attachment

ardent love; aglow love; fervid love; passionate love
ardent love
aglow love
fervid love
passionate love

patriotic, patriotism; loving one's country and being proud of it
loving one's country
and being proud of it

dote on, love deeply
to dote on
to love deeply

loving care for, care and cherish, concern and love
loving care for
care and cherish
concern and love

dear; darling; loving; beloved

togetherness; fraternal love; friendly affection
fraternal love
friendly affection

sweet memories left behind; remembrance of somebody's love
sweet memories left behind
remembrance of somebody's love

to value; cherish; hold dear; use sparingly; to love, protect, and care for someone or something
to value
to cherish
hold dear
use sparingly
to love, protect, and care
for someone or something

love dearly, dote on someone, fond of excessively
love dearly
dote on someone
fond of excessively

love dearly, pain, ache, hurt
love dearly
pain, ache, hurt

quarrelsome lovers, destined sweetheart, one's destined love
quarrelsome lovers
destined sweetheart
one's destined love
(Chinese slang)

kind, loving; loving kindness; affectionate love
kind, loving
loving kindness
affectionate love

fraternal love, love between brothers
fraternal love
love between brothers

mortal love, sentiment, affection
mortal love
sentiment, affection

family love; affection of family
family love
affection of family

old romance; past love affair
old romance
past love affair

passion of lov, foolishly amorouse, unreasoning passion
passion of love
foolishly amorous
unreasoning passion

infatuation, blind love, silly wish
infatuation, blind love, silly wish

love, romance, story about a love affair, have a tender feeling towards, feel attached to someone/something
love, romance
story about a love affair
have a tender feeling towards

in love with; feel deeply attached to
in love with
feel deeply attached to

fall in love; tender passions; romantic attachment
fall in love
tender passions
romantic attachment

love story; love affair; romantic love
love story
love affair
romantic love

love song; love melody; story about romantic love; expression of romantic love
love song
love melody
story about romantic love
expression of romantic love

madly in love; passionately in love; head over heels in love; infatuatedly with someone
madly in love
passionately in love
head over heels in love
infatuatedly with someone

blind love with, have a crush on
blind love with
have a crush on

first love; calf love; puppy love
first love
calf love
puppy love

romantic, conducive to or characterized by the expression of love
conducive to or characterized
by the expression of love

love confession, make a love confession
love confession
make a love confession

pledge love; get engaged; engaged affection; token of love; exchange love tokens or vows
pledge love
get engaged
engaged affection
token of love
exchange love tokens or vows

deep love, deep feeling, deep affection, deep sentiment, deep emotion
deep love
deep feeling
deep affection
deep sentiment
deep emotion

strong liking, deeply in love
strong liking
deeply in love

tender regards; feeling of liking; love and affection
tender regards
feeling of liking
love and affection

serendipity of love; predestination of love
serendipity of love
predestination of love

good karma of love, opportune connection with marriage for a blessed couple
good karma of love
opportune connection with marriage
(for a blessed couple)

lover, paramour, sweetheart

lovers; lovebirds; sweethearts; affectionate couple
affectionate couple

loved person; the person of one's heart
loved person
the person of one's heart

a pair of lovebirds; inseparable king bird; two lovebirds flying ever together
a pair of lovebirds
inseparable king bird
two lovebirds flying ever together

love letter; a letter expressing romantic love
love letter
a letter expressing romantic love

love poems; love lyrics
love poems
love lyrics

love song
love song

fall in love with; admire wholeheartedly
fall in love with
admire wholeheartedly

lovesickness; miss each other; yearning between lovers
miss each other
yearning between lovers

love's snare; snares of love
love's snare
snares of love

love rival, rival in love
love rival
rival in love

jealous of rival in love, green eyed, out of jealousy
(of rival in love)
green eyed
out of jealousy

love jealousy, jealousy of love
love jealousy
jealousy of love

snug den, cosy nest, love nest
snug den
cosy nest
love nest

make tender love
make tender love

to hug; cuddle; embrace; hold close in one's arms as a way of showing love or affection
to hug
to cuddle
to embrace
hold close in one's arms
as a way of showing love or affection

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