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set free
grant freedom to;
free from slavery or servitude;
free from obligations or duties

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let go







release, let go; liberate, set free
to release, let go
to liberate, set free

let go, relinquish one's grip on someone or something
let go
relinquish one's grip
on someone or something

set free; release a captured animal; Life release - a traditional Buddhist practice
set free
release a captured animal
Life release
(a traditional Buddhist practice)

to release, let go, set free
to release
let go, set free

to free; release; discharge; set free; let go
to free
to release
to discharge
set free
let go

let go; give up; abandon
let go
give up

not begrudge; let go willingly; willing to part with
not begrudge
let go willingly
willing to part with

let go; part with; give up reluctantly
let go
part with
give up reluctantly

let go, set free, to indulge
let go
set free
to indulge

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