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let go
allow someone or something to go free

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set free





let go; give up; abandon
let go
give up

not begrudge; let go willingly; willing to part with
not begrudge
let go willingly
willing to part with

let go; part with; give up reluctantly
let go
part with
give up reluctantly

release, let go; liberate, set free
to release, let go
to liberate, set free

let go
let go

set free; release a captured animal; Life release - a traditional Buddhist practice
set free
release a captured animal
Life release
(a traditional Buddhist practice)

freedom; liberty

let go, set free, to indulge
let go
set free
to indulge

to release, let go, set free
to release
let go, set free

to free; release; discharge; set free; let go
to free
to release
to discharge
set free
let go

release from the heart, relief from suspense, let go your heart
release from the heart
relief from suspense
let go your heart

let go, cheer up, take it easy, get over something, zen about something
let go
cheer up
take it easy
get over something
zen about something

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