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praise (1-character)

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praise (Chinese words)

praise, applaud; commend, extol, eulogize
to praise, applaud
to commend, extol, eulogize

to support, assist; help, aid; praise, commend
to support, assist
to help, aid
to praise, commend

praise, boast, exaggerate
to praise
to boast, exaggerate

praise, reward; prize, award
to praise
to reward

praise, fame, reputation, honor, glory, laudation
to praise
fame, reputation
honor, glory, laudation

ode, hymn, praise, extol, eulogize, chant the praise of
ode, hymn
to praise, extol, eulogize
chant the praise of

to praise; commend; give recognition to
to praise
to commend
give recognition to

praise, extol, laud
to praise
to extol, laud

fine; good; excellent; to praise; glorify; commend; compliment
to praise
to glorify
to commend
to compliment

to sigh, lament, exclaim in praise
to sigh
to lament
exclaim in praise

colorful; praise, applauses
praise, applause

lavish praise on; to flatter, exalt, extol
lavish praise on
to flatter, exalt, extol

praise; show the merits of
to praise
show the merits of

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