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express warm approval or admiration of

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praise (1-character Chinese symbols)




compliment; to glorify; praise and admire
to glorify
praise and admire

highly praise, gasp in admiration, sigh the praises of, utter sighs of admiration
highly praise
gasp in admiration
sigh the praises of
utter sighs of admiration

anecdote; a favorite tale; a much-told tale
a favorite tale
a much-told tale

praise; acclaim; applaud; eulogize
to praise
to acclaim
to applaud
to eulogize

odes; paeans; songs of praise; hymn of praise
songs of praise
hymn of praise

to eulogize, sing the praises, paeon of praise, celebrate in song, praise enthusiastically
to eulogize
sing the praises
paeon of praise
celebrate in song
praise enthusiastically

to extol; eulogize; sing praises; praise in song; praise enthusiastically
to extol
to eulogize
sing praises
praise in song
praise enthusiastically

ode; carol; canticle; song of praise
song of praise

extol, praise, eulogize, chant the praises of, sing somebody's merits
to extol
to praise
to eulogize
chant the praises of
sing somebody's merits

to cite, commend, praise in public, praise formally
to cite
to commend
praise in public
to praise formally

commend and award; praise and honor
commend and award
praise and honor

praise, commend, applaud, compliment, praise formally
to praise
to commend
to applaud
to compliment
to praise formally

to praise, commend, approve of, deserving praise
to praise
to commend
to approve of
deserving praise

praise and encourage; approve with encouragement; commend with encouragement
praise and encourage
approve with encouragement
commend with encouragement

highly praise; hold in high esteem
highly praise
hold in high esteem

glorious, deserving great admiration, praise, and honor
deserving great admiration, praise, and honor

Congratulations; expressing one's praise for an achievement or good wishes
expressing one's praise
for an achievement or good wishes

compliment; praise politely; polite expression of praise
praise politely
polite expression of praise

acclaim, applaud; cry of bravo; shout for joy; cheer in praise; praise enthusiastically and publicly
to acclaim
to applaud
cry of bravo
shout for joy
cheer in praise
praise enthusiastically and publicly

applaud, hand clapping
to applaud
hand clapping

to applaud; clap hands; show approval or praise by clapping
to applaud
clap hands
show approval or praise by clapping

credit; merit; contribution; praiseworthy achievement
praiseworthy achievement

merit; strong point; good qualities; worthy qualities
strong point
good qualities
worthy qualities

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