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join (1-character)

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join (Chinese words)

to link, join, connect
to link, join, connect

to unite, connect; join, ally with
to unite, connect
to join, ally with

combine; merge; incorporate; join together
to combine
to merge
to incorporate
join together

join, connect, succeed
to join, connect, succeed

join with solder
join with solder

to join; intersect; associate with
to join
to intersect
associate with

be united; coordinate; joint together; bring into harmony
to be united
to coordinate
joint together
bring into harmony

join in the singing, harmony, harmonious
join in the singing
harmony, harmonious

to tie, bind, fasten; connect, link, join
to tie, bind, fasten
to connect, link, join

continue, join, connect
to continue
to join, connect

to join; enter; take part in; get involved in
to join
to enter
take part in
get involved in

to join, add
to join
to add

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