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link; connect;

a place or line where two or more things
are connected or fastened together

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join (1-character)




to ally; unite; join together; league together
to ally
to unite
join together
league together

to assemble; combination
to assemble

unity, unify, unite, solidarity, stick together, joined together, joined as a whole
to unify
to unite
stick together
joined together
joined as a whole

link with, connect with, join together, hyperlink to
link with
connect with
join together
hyperlink to

franchise; join franchise; join an alliance
join franchise
join an alliance

join, attend, participate, participation
to join
to attend
to participate

to register, check in, enter one's name
to register
check in
enter one's name

join hands; hand in hand; to cooperate; work together
join hands
hand in hand
to cooperate
work together

hold hands; hand in hand; join hands together
hold hands
hand in hand
join hands together

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