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fond of
liking for or love of someone or something

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like, fond of

to love; to favor; hold dear; dearly loved; extremely fond of; cherish with heart
to love
to favor
hold dear
dearly loved
extremely fond of
cherish with heart

to love, cherish, treasure; to be fond of; to be keen on
to love
to cherish
to treasure
to be fond of
to be keen on

love and pity; show fondness for; show tender affection
love and pity
show fondness for
show tender affection

to like; prefer; be fond of
to like
to prefer
be fond of

be fond of; strong liking; deeply in love
be fond of
strong liking
deeply in love

dream lover; a fond figure in the dream
dream lover
a fond figure in the dream

mutual sentiments; consensually fond of; resonance between two lovers; sentiments between two lovers; deeply attached to each other
mutual sentiments
consensually fond of
resonance between two lovers
sentiments between two lovers
deeply attached to each other

love grows over time; familiarity breeds fondness
love grows over time
familiarity breeds fondness

be fond of; be addicted to; have a liking for
be fond of
be addicted to
have a liking for


fine; nice; be fond of
be fond of

studious; inquisitive; eager to study; fond of studying; diligent in studying; interest in learning things
eager to study
fond of studying
diligent in studying
interest in learning things

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