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having or showing skill in
achieving one's ends by deceit or evasion

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cunning, wicked, guileful, deceitful, sly, wily, foxy, crafty
cunning, wicked
guileful, deceitful
sly, wily, foxy, crafty

crafty, foxy, cunning, sly, wily
crafty, foxy
cunning, sly, wily

cunning, crafty, sly
cunning, crafty, sly

crafty, cunning, artful, smart, clever, shrewd
crafty, cunning, artful
smart, clever, shrewd

crafty, cunning, villainous, treacherous

artful, skillful, cunning, clever, witty, ingenious
artful, skillful, cunning
clever, witty, ingenious

lie in ambush, await an opportunity, cunning, tricky, artful, foxy
lie in ambush
await an opportunity
cunning, tricky, artful, foxy

to trick; make fun of; cunningly deceive
to trick
make fun of
cunningly deceive

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