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deliberately cause someone to
believe something that is not true

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deceive, cheat, swindle
to deceive
to cheat
to swindle

to deceive, hoax
to deceive
to hoax

to delude, deceive
to delude
to deceive

to feint, pretend, deceive, cheat, swindle
to feint, pretend
to deceive, cheat, swindle

to deceive; hide the truth; fool others by lying
to deceive
hide the truth
fool others by lying

to fool, deceive; to bully, insult
to fool, deceive
to bully, insult

swindle, deceive, abduct, kidnap
to swindle, deceive
to abduct, kidnap

to trick; make fun of; cunningly deceive
to trick
make fun of
cunningly deceive

to bluff, intimidate, exaggerate
to bluff
to intimidate
to exaggerate

deceive, hoodwink, ignorant, illiterate, unconscious
to deceive, hoodwink
ignorant, illiterate, unconscious

cheat, deceive, anxiety, worry, supposition, prediction
to cheat, deceive
anxiety, worry
supposition, prediction

illusion; phantasm; illusional phenomenon; deceptive appearance
illusional phenomenon
deceptive appearance

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