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Accurate and elegant: Your translator Andres Leo is an established poet and novelist. Educated in Taiwan and the United States, his multi-lingual, multi-cultural background will fulfill your translation and any art design project.

He enjoys the job while takes it seriously at the same time.


If you have any question about Chinese translation or quote of poetry/document translation, You are welcome to Contact with Andres Leo via: taigoan@gmail.com

The service fee for each translation request is $6.00
For 1-3 names and 1-3 phrases limit.
You may requrst different calligraphic styles (see example bellow)
and horizontal or vertical alignments of Chinese characters.

Your translation request will be done
and emailed to you in 1-2 days

Please keep communicating with Andres Leo
for any improvement of your design project.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
He will do his best to
meet your requirements.

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even other graphic design format)

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(traditional Chinese, 3 calligraphic styles, standard Mandarin)
horizontally aligned symbols
(from left to right)




vertically aligned symbols
(from top to bottom)

Example about 1-4 characters Chinese words:
Several traditional calligraphic writing styles!
(for pay-per-translation client)

1-character symbol
2-character word
3-character word/idiom
4-character idiom/proverb

Please go next page for the $6.00
service fee payment in advance.


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