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an alcoholic drink made from fermented grape juice

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Chinese words for Food, Cooking, Eating

wine, liquor, spirits; alcoholic drink
wine, liquor, spirits
alcoholic drink

to drink alcohol; drink alcoholic beverages
to drink (alcohol)
drink alcoholic beverages

drink wine or liquor
drink wine or liquor

Cheers! kanpai; to wassail; drink a toast
to wassail
drink a toast

pour wine; pour wine into a cup or glass
pour wine
pour wine into a cup or glass

wine tasting; to taste wine; judging the quality of wine
wine tasting
to taste wine
judging the quality of wine

rich wine; good wine; ripe wine; pure wine; mellow wine
rich wine
good wine
ripe wine
pure wine
mellow wine

white wine; vin blanc
white wine
vin blanc

rice wine
rice wine

Sake; Japanese Sake
Japanese Sake

Umeshu; plum flavored wine; prune flavored wine
plum flavored wine
prune flavored wine

wine; vintage; vinous liquor
vinous liquor

wine cellar
wine cellar

wine jug
wine jug

to brew, ferment; make through fermentation
to brew, ferment
make through fermentation

brewing wine
brewing wine

ferment; fermentation
to ferment

strong and rich wine; thick, dense, saturated
strong and rich wine
thick, dense, saturated

sweet wine; sweet water from a spring
sweet wine
sweet water from a spring

wine brewed for the second time
wine brewed for the second time

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