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perform duties or services for
another person or an organization

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serve; wait upon; attend upon
to serve
wait upon
attend upon

serve; wait for
to serve
wait for


serve; obey, subjugate
to serve
to obey, subjugate

service; to serve; render service; give service to
to serve
render service
give service to

bar; bar counter; counter of a pub
bar counter
counter of a pub

to serve, devote
to serve, devote

offer one's service; render one's service; work in the service of
offer one's service
render one's service
work in the service of

obey orders; ender a service; do one's duty regardlessly
obey orders
render a service
do one's duty regardlessly

to salute; revere; venerate; offer or serve something politely
to salute
to revere
to venerate
offer or serve something politely

act as, serve as; to do, act; handle, manage
act as, serve as
to do, act
handle, manage

act as; serve as
act as
serve as

use as, regard as, serve as
use as, regard as, serve as

adorn; serve as background
to adorn
serve as background

serve the government; enter government service
serve the government
enter government service

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