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seek (1-character)

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seek (Chinese words)

seek; search; inquire; look for
to seek
to search
to inquire
look for

seek; look for; hunt for
to seek
look for
hunt for

seek; look for; call on; want to see; try to find
to seek
look for
call on
want to see
try to find

to seek, work for; plan, scheme, strategy
to seek, work for
plan, scheme, strategy

to beg; beseech; seek; request; ask for; pray for
to beg
to beseech
to seek
to request
ask for
pray for

to seek; gather; madder; hunting in spring or fall
to seek
to gather
hunting in spring or fall

buy; sell; seek; angle for; seek, try to gain
to buy
to sell
to seek
angle for
seek, try to gain

seek; try to gain
to seek
try to gain

to seek; request
to seek
to request

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