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having lived for a long time;

belonging to the past

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old, aged; experienced, tough; outdated, of the past
old, aged
experienced, tough
outdated, of the past

grow old together; together until old age; remain together in old age
grow old together
together until old age
remain together in old age

used, secondhand; past, old, former, outdated
used, secondhand
past, old, former, outdated

remember old friends; cherish old friendship
remember old friends
cherish old friendship

the past; former times; the old days
the past
former times
the old days

former; old, past
old, past

ancient, antiquated; ancient times, antiquity
ancient, antiquated
ancient times, antiquity

age; length of time in years
length of time in years

very old; tough; to be in one's sixties
very old
to be in one's sixties

elder, senior; old gentleman
elder, senior
old gentleman

old lady; grandma; grandmother
old lady

old lady; grandmother
old lady

mother-in-law; husband's mother; mother of husband; a term of respect for an old lady
husband's mother
mother of husband
a term of respect for an old lady

old woman
old woman

old, original; inborn, inherited
old, original
inborn, inherited

senile, old and useless
senile, old and useless

worn; haggard; emaciated; very tired, and seeming old
very tired, and seeming old

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